White label production

You intend to market your own detergent with your brand or your label? We realize your individual product for you! We have many years of experience and a large number of completed formulations that we can modify and adapt according to your wishes and needs. If required, we will also prepare new formulations for you. Detergents for domestic use and a range of ecological products complete our offer.


In contract manufacturing, you as our customer are always in the centre: from the creation of your idea to its implementation. We manufacture strictly according to your specifications.

As a contract manufacturer, we offer more than just powder or liquid detergents for industry and household – our range of products also contains washing auxiliaries, e.g. detergency enhancers, softeners and proofing agents as well as other chemical and technical products, contract packaging in plastic containers (bottles, buckets, containers etc.), carton packagings and comprehensive contract manufacturing-related services.

A process-supporting and continuous quality inspection of the manufactured products is carried out by our laboratory to ensure that the specified standards of the finished products are complied with.

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Our services

  • Formulation development.
  • Procurement of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Production in modern production facilities.
  • Product analyses and tests.
  • Filling, labelling (packaging).
  • Production that complies with statutory requirements in the individual countries.
  • Preparation of documentation, product information sheets and safety data sheets.
  • Product approval.

Products and more

Large variety of products

  • Household detergents and washing auxiliaries
  • Range of eco-compatible detergents and washing auxiliaries
  • Disinfection products
  • Chemical and technical products

Variety of packagings

  • Carton packagings
  • Plastic bottles or buckets
  • Camisters
  • Containers