Visualization and operating data logging

Only by knowing all the important processes and key performance indicators, a laundry can optimize its processes, detect possible errors and initiate the required corrective action. We offer the solution! The process visualization and operating data logging module captures and depicts all the processes in the washhouse. The system makes the ongoing processes transparent, ensures the easy and safe verification of the processes in real time and reliably documents all the processes in the washhouse.


Our operating data logging and process visualization system can capture and depict up to ten washer extractors or up to four washing tunnels. It comprises an industry PC with 17 inch monitor and the related operating data logging software. The captured and load-related values are read by the software and can be transferred to an evaluation module, e.g. a spreadsheet software. The operating data logging and process visualization module facilitates the work of the operation’s management and can optionally be integrated into the existing operating technology so that the management can always stay in control and keep an overview over the proceedings within the washhouse.

The software module can be adapted to the individual customer needs or requirements and linked with the existing operating programmes. All the dosing systems, pumps and valves as well as the washing extractors or washing tunnels connected to the system are displayed on the screen:

  • The active or passive state of dosing line, pump and valves is displayed in different colours.
  • The dosed quantities are displayed in a pump-related text box.
  • The read-in customer ID, the selected washing programme and the net weight are assigned to the laundry load and displayed at the monitor in real time.
  • Process parameters are displayed, e.g. pH of the washing liquor or temperature and washing times.
  • Programme, customer ID, weight, pH value, temperature and consumption data is stored for each load of washed laundry.

Documentation and quality assurance

The operating data logging system measures dosing quantities, process parameters, pH values, temperatures and washing times online and evaluates the data individually for each laundry load. The compliance with listed parameters, e.g. for disinfection procedures, is documented. The customer addresses are managed in a database. Cost and consumption data is acquired on a customer level for each type of laundry which facilitates cost calculation. The system automatically detects failures and documents them with date and time specifications so that the management has at any time the possibility of detecting deviations from normal operation and to initiate corrective action immediately.

Quick service

If assistance is requested through our technical field service, the laundry manager can even unlock the system for the external access by our laundry engineers. The system allows password-protected access via modem in the remote mode so that our engineers can respond immediately and contribute to troublefree operation of the laundry. Through the command bar, the software can access an alarm or error bar, list process parameters, e.g. temperatures or pH, document the chronology of the events, assist in troubleshooting and indicate that container changes are required. Occurred errors or alarms are acknowledged by the employee and documented by the system after the fault has been corrected.