Dosing systems for powder detergents

For the dosing of powdery products into washing lines or washer extractors, the customer can choose between dosing via pulverizer of mother liquor dosing system. Which kind of dosing system is to be installed also depends on the operational and space conditions in the laundry.

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Dosing and control systems are a core competence of our dosing technology department. A competence team consisting of computer experts, electricians and mechatronics engineers develops your individual control systems, operating data acquisition systems and visualization of the operational processes. They also program, build and preinstall control cabinets, dosing racks and pump blocks for powder, mother liquor or liquid dosing systems. New ideas of our computer experts constantly flow into the advancement of our technical systems. Benefit from the continuous improvement of our in-house designed control systems. Updates ensure that your dosing technology, operating data logging systems and control systems are always up to date. From the conception and detailed planning to the adaptation or integration of existing equipment into your new dosing concept, our specialists work for your success.

Automatic dosing systems ensure the compliance with predefined process parameters, avoid costly overdosing and ensure the correct conduct of the procedure for every programme. The risk of human errors can be minimized, each laundry load is individually controlled and monitored. By using an appropriate evaluation software, the entire washing process can be documented and displayed on the screen. Irrespective of whether individual machine, selected machines of a small series, washing lines or all automated washing machines in the operation are to be equipped with dosing technology – please feel free to contact us, our experts will find the optimal solution for your needs!

Customer wishes, e.g. extension of the dosing system by an operating data logging system and visualization of the operational processes, mean additional expenses, but also help to structure the operation, offer the possibility of online control and allow the management to supervise consumption data and production or to carry out calculations in a short period of time. An operating data logging system gives the operation more transparency and support in the case of failures or in troubleshooting. The dosing systems, control systems, operating data logging systems and visualization of the entire laundry process have been adapted to one another due to the modular design and can be extended if required. This allows the technical systems to be adjusted quickly to current needs and to grow with the operation.

Mother liquor

Mother liquor dosing systems are typically used wherever a multitude of machines (washing tunnel (s) or washing extractors) are to be centrally supplied. Depending on the space availability, the mother liquor dosing system made of stainless steel can be operated either with two tanks (preparation tank and dosing tank) or with one tank. The dosing system is controlled via a small touchscreen. As an alternative, the control can also be integrated into the visualization of a dosing system.

Two-tank design

The mother liquor is prepared with the desired concentration and with stirring in the preparation tank. If the system can be supplied with steam, the preparation tank is heated to enable a quicker and better dissolution of the detergent. After the mother liquor has been prepared, the solution is pumped into the dosing tank which is also equipped with a stirrer.

The two-tank design offers the advantage that the washing process can be continued without interruption while the mother liquor is prepared. If sufficient space is available in the operation, we recommend the two-tank design as it is less susceptible to faults and maintenance work, e.g. tank cleaning, can be carried out without disturbing the ongoing washing process.

One-tank design

The detergent is dosed directly from the preparation tank after the powder has been dissolved. Depending on the number of machines to be integrated, the mother liquor dosing system can be integrated into the control of a liquid dosing system, if equipped accordingly.

The one-tank design is recommended particularly when space is limited.

Powder mill

The powder mill made of stainless steel can supply up to 6 dosing targets with separate rinsing unit with detergent. Depending on the space requirement, the desired detergent is supplied to the powder mill via a big bag unloading station. To prevent detergent from sticking in the powder mill, the hopper is high-gloss polished.

The powder dosing system can supply several washing extractors or a tunnel with detergent. The control system has a touchscreen monitor with selectable language. The system is very robust and feeds powders of different bulk density – from light spray tower powders to highly concentrated compact detergents with high bulk density. The big bags used for filling the powder mill are available with different net weights.