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Waterproofing and anti-spotting agent for dry cleaning machinery in SYSTEMK4.

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH has a worldwide patent pending for the innovative cleaning system SYSTEMK4.


    • VINOYK4 is a waterproofing and stain repellant agent for application in dry cleaning machinery in SYSTEMK4; VINOYK4 is sprayed on in closed cleaning machines.
    • Textiles treated with VINOYK4 are water-repellent and protected against stains.
    • Textiles treated with VINOYK4 have a pleasant, smooth and supple feel.
    • Very even swale-free results, even on delicate fabrics.
    • VINOYK4 is economical in consumption; produces minimal distillation residue.
    • VINOYK4 can be sprayed either directly onto the cleaned, dry textiles or onto extracted textiles; both methods ensure equal, residue-free textiles.
    • Spray application for stain protection and water repellent for outerwear.

    For detailed information on SYSTEMK4, please refer to our brochure or to SYSTEMK4


    VINOYK4 can be sprayed undiluted onto cleaned, dry textiles; alternatively, VINOYK4 can also be sprayed onto extracted textiles. Select a spray nozzle that ensures a spraying time of approx. 4 minutes. Depending on the machine type, Danfoss 1.5 – 2.0 USgal/h straight jet insert nozzles with spray cone 60 – 80 °C have proved their effectiveness. Other machines can use TEE-JET 650050 spray nozzles (vertical installation of the wide-angled nozzle - 12 o'clock position). These nozzles deliver 100–120 ml (1.7 - 4.06 oz) VINOYK4 per minute of spraying time.

    As is customary with spraying procedures, the drum load should be approx. 70 % of the machine capacity. Since fluorocarbon resins in solvents tend to foam, treatment should not be performed in case of extreme under loading with only few articles. In this case, the atomized spray would not be absorbed by the few textiles and produce foam in the distillation in the next batch.

    In non-distilling machines, there is a risk of fluorocarbon resin build up in the liquid when waterproofing agents are used frequently. Therefore, we advise against using VINOYK4 in non-distilling machines.

    Classification Load Dosage* per 10 kg (22lbs) load
    Outerwear 70% 300 ml (10.1ozfl)
    Raincoats 70% 450 ml (15.2 ozfl)
    Thermal wear 70% 450 ml (15.2 ozfl)
    Down filling 50% 150 ml (5.07 ozfl)
    Workwear 100% 500 ml (16.9 ozfl)

    * 100 ml VINOYK4 = approx. 84 g

    After spraying, tumble cold for 1-2 minutes with left/right drum turns, then dry.

    Safety advice
    VINOYK4 must be used only in closed cleaning machinery with automatic spraying system. Spraying VINOYK4 outside of closed systems is prohibited due to the risk of inhaling aerosols that contain fluorocarbon resins. The spray mist is toxic when inhaled. Application by spraying outside closed machines can induce breathing difficulties and is therefore not advisable. The use of VINOYK4 in non-distilling machines of tandem systems is prohibited.

    Storage and dispatch

    VINOYK4 is sensitive to moisture. Containers should always be tightly closed after dispensing.

    Avoid storage at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) and above 30 °C (86 °F). Before use, warm the product to at least 15 °C (59 °F).

    In closed containers, VINOYK4is storable for at least 24 months.

    VINOYK4 contains VOC due to its content of SOLVONK4 solvent!

    Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
    7 kg Plastic Canister 80
    18 kg Plastic Canister 36