Vinoy PLUS

Vinoy PLUS

Water and oil repellent finishing agent for waterproofing and stain protective finishing of textiles in drycleaning machines. Free from halogenated solvents.
For use in Perc and hydrocarbon machines.


  • Highly effective water and oil repellency on all kinds of textiles and leathers.
  • Silky-smooth elastic handle, pronounced reduction in creasing together with relaxation of creases on all textiles.
  • Very even sweal-free results, even on delicate fabrics.
  • Extremely economical in use, therefore low transportation, storage and packaging space.
  • Simple application by spray process for stain protective finish on outerwear, weather protective finish on rainwear and sports clothing, chemical protective finish  on workwear application.


Chemical protective finish (DIN 32 763) on work wear application.


Spray undiluted or mixed with solvent within 3-5 min on to the cleaned and well-extracted textiles. To achieve adequate spray times when applied undiluted, use of a 2.0 US gal/hr spray nozzle is recommended.

Classification Load Dosage* per 10 kg (22lbs) load
Outerwear 70% 300 ml (10.1ozfl)
Raincoats 70% 450 ml (15.2 ozfl)
Thermal wear 70% 450 ml (15.2 ozfl)
Down filling 50% 150 ml (5.07 ozfl)
Workwear (DIN 32 763) 100% 500 ml (16.9 ozfl)

* 100 ml VINOY PLUS = approx. 80 g; 100 ml Perc-containing proofing = 160 g!

After spraying, roll the cage cold for 1-2 minutes then dry using full heat, so that at least 50 °C (122 °F) at cage exit is attained. Higher temperatures further increase the proofing effect; lower temperatures decrease the proofing effect.

Safety advice
Only use VINOY PLUS with a spray process within closed system machines. VINOY PLUS must only be dosed in sprayers within closed system machines with automatic dosing equipment. Improper applications such as massive over-dosage or the impermissible use of VINOY PLUS in a bath process may result in an explosive atmosphere in the machine and are expressively not permitted. The spray mist is toxic when inhaled. Application by spraying outside closed machines can induce breathing difficulties and is therefore not permissible. The use of VINOY PLUS in non-distilling machines of tandem systems is prohibited.

Storage and dispatch

VINOY PLUS is sensitive to moisture. Containers should always be tightly closed after dispensing.

Avoid storage at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) and above 30 °C (86 °F). Before use, warm the product to at least 15 °C (59 °F).

In closed containers, VINOY PLUS is storable for at least 24 months.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
20 kg Plastic Canister 36