Trebon COLOR
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Trebon COLOR

Highly concentrated detergent for coloured textiles made of cotton and blended fabrics.


  • Excellent conservation of the original colours.
  • Excellent dye transfer inhibitor.
  • Thorough removal of oil, grease, and stains even in extreme cases.
  • Full washing performance even at 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Particularly recommended for coloured shirts, table linen, coloured work clothes, jeans, and washable outerwear.
  • Extremely cost-efficient due to very low dosage.
  • Also suited for very hard water. A dosage of 1 gram of TREBON COLOR per litre (0.13 oz/gal) of water complexes water hardness of 7°dH.


TREBON COLOR is suited for application in soft and hard water.
Temperature: 30 - 90 °C (86-194 °F), depending on colourfastness of the textiles.

Dosage for washing extractors:

Hardness range 4-5 kgCapacity (9-11lbs) 8-10 kgCap. (18-22lbs) 14-16-kg Cap. (31-35lbs) 22-25 kg Cap. (49-55lbs) 30-35kg Cap. (66-77lbs)
I (0-7°dH) 60 ml (2.03ozfl) 120 ml (4.06ozfl) 180 ml (6.09ozfl) 300 ml (10.14ozfl) 420 ml (14.2ozfl)
II (7-14 °dH) 70 ml (2.37ozfl) 140 ml (4.73ozfl) 210 ml (7.1ozfl) 350 ml (11.83ozfl) 490 ml (16.57ozfl)
III (14-21 °dH) 75 ml (2.54ozfl) 150 ml (5.07ozfl) 225 ml (7.61ozfl) 375 ml (12.68ozfl) 540 ml (18.26ozfl)
IV (>21 °dH) 85 ml (2.87ozfl) 170 ml (5.75ozfl) 250 ml (8.45ozfl) 425 ml (14.37ozfl) 600 ml (30.29ozfl)


1 kg of TREBON COLOR for dry laundry with normal soiling at a load of 5 kg (0.21lbs at 11lbs of load):

Hardness range I II III IV
Yield [kg] 101 (223lbs) 92 (203lbs) 84 (185lbs) 77 (170lbs)

TREBON COLOR is not suited for wool and silk. Please use LANDOL AKTIV for these materials.

Storage and dispatch

Store product in a dry place.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
25 kg Plastic Sack 20
200 kg Big Bag 1