Lanadol X-PRESS
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Lanadol X-PRESS

Heavy duty special cleaning agent for less sensitive textiles for wetcleaning using the LANADOL DRY process.


    • LANADOL X-PRESS is a high-performance special cleaning agent for less sensitive textiles for wet cleaning.
      • LANADOL X-PRESS is optimised for wet cleaning application conditions and temperatures from cold to 40 °C.
      • LANADOL X-PRESS combines outstanding cleaning power, especially for persistant soils, with ultimate economic efficiency
      • Highly efficient enzyme system for the removal of protein & starch spots
      • Special low-foaming surfactant system for powerful grease, oil and pigment removal
      • Innovative colour protection prevents colour transfer
      • Anti-ageing/fibre smoothing system for brilliant colours and to prevent greying of textiles
      • Gives textiles a pleasant texture and fresh fragrance
      • LANADOL X-PRESS is free of phosphates, optical brighteners, EDTA, NTA and musk scents
      • LANADOL X-PRESS meets the requirements for detergents and cleaning agents according to the Blue Angel award regulations for wet cleaning (RAL DE-UZ 104).


      LANADOL X-PRESS is recommended for wet cleaning less sensitive textiles and persistant stains in the LANADOL DRY process.

      LANADOL X-PRESS is not recommended for highly sensitive textiles ( e.g. silk, angora, cashmere) and textiles with predominantly wool content

      The use of LANADOL X-PRESS reduces the application time in the LANADOL DRY process.

      The LANADOL DRY process reduces the finishing effort and drying time to a minimum: Fast and simple finish!

      Recommended concentration: 5 ml LANADOL X-PRESS per litre (0.6 ozfl/gal) of water.

      LANADOL AKTIV is recommended for wet cleaning highly sensitive textiles in the LANADOL SENSITIVE or LANADOL DRY process.

      For information on wet cleaning, please see the Kreussler LANADOL brochure or contact your KREUSSLER field service employee.



      The application of LANADOL AVANT is recommended for the pre-treatment of heavily soiled areas, in particular for the removal of oil and grease. We recommend the DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL product series for spot removal.

      Storage and dispatch

      When stored in closed containers, the product has a minimal shelf life of 24 months.

      After exposure to frost, allow LANADOL X-PRESS to warm up to temperature of approx 15 °C (59 °F) before use.

      Store cool and dry.

      Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
      24 kg Plastic Canister 36
      40 kg Plastic Canister 16