Clip COO
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Clip COO

Dry cleaning detergent with antistatic properties. For textile cleaning in liquid carbondioxide. CLIP COO can also be used for prebrushing.


  • Dry cleaning detergent, specially optimised for use in Liquid Carbondioxide (LCD).
  • Good cleaning performance.
  • Soluble in LCD up to 12 ml/l (1.5 oz / gal) LCD.
  • CLIP COO will emulsify water in LCD.
  • CLIP COO can be used for prebrushing neat or in a mix with 10 % or 20 % water.


2 – 4 ml CLIP COO per litre of LCD (0.26 – 0.51 oz CLIP COO / gal)

Recommended process
1st bath:
dip ratio 1:4,
Addition of CLIP COO
Cleaning time 15 – 20 min
Drain to distillation

2nd bath:
dip ratio 1:4,
No detergent addition
Cleaning time 5 min
Drain to distillation, slow decompression with rotating drum to avoid formation of dry ice.

CLIP COO is suitable for prebrushing. For robust, non delicate textiles, to remove water soluble stains CLIP COO can be mixed with 10 % or 20 % water for prebrushing or spraying. After stirring the solution is clear and stable. Stain removal has to be done with DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL. After removing the stain, blow dry with compressed air.

On non colourfast textiles or delicate fabrics prebrushing can cause local colourloss. In case of doubt, please test the colourfastness of the garment rubbing carefully with a white cotton cloth, soaked with the prespotting solution on a hardly to see part of the textile. In case the cotton cloth is coloured, do not prespot.

Storage and dispatch

CLIP COO is not affected by frost. To ensure correct dosage with automatic dosing equipment CLIP COO should be warmed up to more than 10 °C (50 °F) before usage.

Containers should be kept closed after dispensing.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
22 kg Plastic Canister 36