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Dry cleaning detergent for textile cleaning machines in SYSTEMK4.

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH has a worldwide patent pending for the innovative cleaning system SYSTEMK4.


    • CLIPK4 is a dry cleaning detergent that has been optimized for application in SYSTEMK4.
    • CLIPK4 contains no fillers or VOC.
    • CLIPK4 is characterized by its excellent cleaning power and garments are hygienic and fresh.
    • Protects from greying and gives cleaned textiles a neutral scent.
    • Very economical in application; the combination with the high substantivity of the active ingredients to the textile results in a reduction of the distillation residue.
    • Easy and quick finishing; reliable anti-static characteristics reduce labor costs and improve the wear as well as comfort of the cleaned clothing.
    • CLIPK4 gives cleaned clothing a smooth, pleasant handle ,lint and pilling in the drying phase is reduced.
    • Since CLIPK4 is merely low-foaming, cleaning liquor can be distilled in SYSTEMK4 without any problems.
    • CLIPK4 reduces the need for manual pre and post spotting.
    • CLIPK4 removes unpleasant odors during the cleaning process.
    • The distillation residue of CLIPK4 is liquid and pumpable.

    For detailed information on SYSTEMK4, please refer to our brochure or to SYSTEMK4


    Base Concentration
    2,0 ml CLIPK4 per litre (0.25oz CLIPK4/ gal) solvent and filter.

    Generally, we recommend a dosage of 2 – 3 ml CLIPK4 per liter solvent (1 - 1.50 ounces per gallon), correspondingly 0,6 – 0,9% CLIPK4 related to the nominal capacity of the machine for two-bath procedures.

    Two-bath procedure
    (1st bath for distillation)
    Dosage into 2nd bath → 60 - 90 ml CLIPK4 per 10 kg (1 oz CLIPK4 per 10 lb) machine capacity.

    Single-bath procedure
    → Ca. 40 ml CLIPK4 per 10 kg (.75 oz CLIPK4 per 10 lb) machine capacity.

    In SYSTEMK4, we recommend PRENETTK4 for pre-spotting and brushing. For removing specific stains, please refer to our DEPRIT Professional range of spotting agents.
    For further information, please refer to the technical data sheets of our pre-spotting product range.

    There is a risk of local color change or loss with non-color fast dyes with the following fabrics: viscose, silk, cotton, linen or micro fibers.

    Test the color fastness at a hidden spot. In case of doubt, do not pre-spot.

    Storage and dispatch

    When stored in a sealed container, CLIPK4 has a minimal shelf life of 24 months.

    Even though the product is indifferent to frost, it may become viscous below +10 °C (50 °F) and at 0 °C (32 °F) solid.

    To ensure correct dosage, allow CLIPK4 to reach a temperature of +15 °C (59 ° F) before use.

    Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
    10 kg Plastic Canister 80
    24 kg Plastic Canister 36