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Brushing and pre-spotting agent for dry cleaning in SYSTEMK4.

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH has a worldwide patent pending for the innovative cleaning system SYSTEMK4.


  • PRENETTK4 is a brushing agent/pre-spotting agent for application in SYSTEMK4.
  • PRENETTK4 is very economical in application and removes dirt with low risk.
  • PRENETTK4 has been optimized for products and solvents in SYSTEMK4.
  • PRENETTK4 is fragrance-free and is free of VOC.
  • PRENETTK4 is completely rinsed out in SOLVONK4.

For detailed information on SYSTEMK4, please refer to our brochure or to SYSTEMK4


PRENETTK4 is suited for the pre-spotting of textiles in SYSTEMK4.
PRENETTK4 can be used undiluted with pre-brushing sparingly on heavily soiled areas.

We are advising against from spraying-application!

On light colored textiles and textiles with care label gentle dry cleaning process (P) and (F) PRENETTK4 should be used 1:1 mixed with SOLVONK4.
For intensively colored textiles, particularly textiles made of silk, viscose, microfibers or acetate, the color fastness should be tested at a hidden spot; if in doubt, do not pre-spot.

For the removal of specific stains, we recommend our DEPRIT Professional range of spotting agents. Prior to application, please read the applicable product data sheets. To ensure solvent cleanliness, we recommend blowing out paint solvents or other stain removing agents with low flash points with compressed air prior to machine cleaning. Also, when using aqueous spotting agents (alkaline blood solvent or acidic tannin solvent), blow excess product out for a moment with compressed air. This minimizes the risk of local greying or local shrinkage on spotted areas.

1st bath
To increase the cleaning effect for extremely dirty batches in SYSTEMK4, add either CLIPK4 or PRENETTK4 with 0.5% per kg load to the first bath of the cleaning procedure.

Storage and dispatch

In closed containers PRENETTK4 has a minimum shelf life of 24 months.

The product is not sensitive to frost. For ease of handling the temperature should be 15– 25 °C (59-77 °F).

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
9 kg Plastic Canister 80
22 kg Plastic Canister 36