Distillation defoamer for organic solvents. For use in Perc, hydrocarbon solvents, SYSTEMK4 and Cyclosiloxane D5.


  • DISTIL breaks the foam in organic solvents caused by surfactants, silicones or fluorocarbon resins.
  • The defoaming component contained in DISTIL has superb foam-breaking power in distillation processes of organic solvents, particularly Perc and hydrocarbon, due to low surface tension and excellent spreading behaviour.
  • Therefore, DISTIL protects from boilover or overfoaming during distillation and prevents foam on mechanically stirred liquors.


Prior to the distillation process, add approx 10 ml DISTIL per 100 l (0.24 ozfl DISTIL per 26 gal) liquor directly into the distillation boiler. The additive remains active until the residues are removed from the destillation.

For heavily foaming solvent liquors, the dosage may be raised to 20 - 50 ml DISTIL per 100 l (0.68-1.7ozfl DISTIL per 26 gal) solvent.

Storage and dispatch

DISTIL is not sensitive to frost.

Store cool and dry. After dispensing, close the container tight.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
4 kg Plastic Canister 150