Range of spotting agents for professional users in textile cleaning.


<b> Application</b>
1 - RED <b> Alkaline</b> ; removes blood, albumin, protein, food residues, pigments
2 - GREEN <b> Neutral</b> ; removes paint, oil, grease, wax, make-up, ink, adhesive
3 - BLUE <b> Acidic</b> ; removes tannin, fruit, juice, red wine, coffee, tea, cola, stains originating from drugs
4 - WHITE <b>Surfactant-free solvent comination</b> ; removes grease, oil, adhesive, bubble gum, wax
5 - YELLOW <b> Acidic</b> ; removes rust and stains originating from metal, ointments containing metal, old blood stains
6 - PURPLE <b> Alkaline</b> ; removes ink, colour pigments, stains originating from colour transfer

Stains usually consist of several components. For the complete removal of stains, it may sometimes be necessary to apply several products in a well-balanced combination. For more information, please refer to the DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL stain table and to the Kreussler brochure "Spotting".

The range of DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL spotting agents offers a very wide performance spectrum for removing typical stains and has been designed for professional users. The application ranges of the DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL products range have been classified by the Kreussler colour code and are reflected analogously in the PRENETT A, B, C range of prespotting products.

General note:
For prespotting in drycleaning, PRENETT A, B, C are the stain removers that can be used universally regardless of the applied solvent. For prespotting in wetcleaning, use DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL.

For postspotting, use only DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL since the products -1, -2 and -3 treat 80% - 90% of all stains successfully. For special demands that exceed this, the products -4, -5 and -6 are reliable problem solvers.


Stains of known origin
For stains of known origin, select the corresponding product from the range of DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL products, apply it undiluted onto the stain, allow the product to react for approx 15-30 seconds, heat it with steam if required, and rub it in gently using a spatula or brush. Then, rinse with steam and water and blow it out with compressed air. If required, repeat the treatment until the stain is completely removed.

Stains of unknown origin
For stains of unknown origin, use the treatment sequence 1 /2 / 3 (RED / GREEN / BLUE) to avoid the accidental fixation of proteins. Proceed as described above.

Old stains originating from rust
Apply a generous amount of DEPRIT PROFESSIONAL 5 (YELLOW) onto old stains originating from rust, allow the product to react for approx 10-15 seconds, heat it with steam, rinse it und blow it out with compressed air. As the removal of rust-based stains from dyed textiles is somewhat risky, a test at a hidden spot is recommended.

Textiles with low wet fastness

For textiles with low wet fastness, a test at a hidden spot should be performed due to the risk of colour loss. If a pH-conditioned indicator transition (acidic / alkaline) occurs on dyed textiles during spotting, the original shade can be re-established by trickling on some of the appropriate counter-product. Then, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with compressed air.
Note on risks

Stain substances may already have damaged dyes and fabrics. However, such damage is often visible only after spotting has been performed. To avoid possible claims for compensation, customers should be made aware of potential risks and asked for their approval prior to beginning a treatment.

Safety instruction for the use of DEPRIT Professional spot removers

In the solvent cleaning industry, the DEPRIT-Professional products are typically used on spotting tables in small drops. Spotting tables are equipped with suction unit and steam and air pressure gun, often also with a water spray nozzle.

To ensure the solvent pureness in the machines, it is recommended, when solvent-based spotting agents with a low flash point are used, e.g. DEPRIT 2 and DEPRIT 4, to blow off the spotted area momentarily with compressed air to minimize the contamination with foreign solvent in the machine. This is an effective method to prevent the lowering of the flash point. This recommendation applies generally for all cleaning machines used in the textile care industry.

Storage and dispatch

In closed containers the product can be stored for at least 24 months.

Store cool and dry. Close tightly after dispensing.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
Set (6x500 ml) 150
Set (3x500 ml) 240