Highly concentrated leather oil with waterproofing effects for cleaning and reoiling of leathers and furs. For use with Perc, hydrocarbon, SYSTEMK4 and cyclosiloxane D5.


  • Increased cleaning effect of solvents coupled with colour protection.
  • Deeply penetrates the leather, leathers will become flexible and soft.
  • Increases brightness of colours and returns the depth of colour.
  • Provides smooth, elastic handle to leathers and furs.
  • Enhances water repellence, reduces the formation of water spots.


Normally OLEODERM is used in a single bath process, however, for very soiled leathers a two bath process is recommended. In this case, OLEODERM and a drycleaning detergent are added to the first bath.

Basic concentration
In perchloroethylene: 30 - 50 ml OLEODERM/ litre (3.84-6.4ozfl/gal) solvent
In hydrocarbon solvents: 15 - 25 ml (1.9-3.2 ozfl/gal) OLEODERM/ litre solvent
In SOLVONK4: 10 - 15 ml OLEODERM/ litre (1.28-1.9ozfl/gal) solvent
In cyclosiloxane D5: 10 - 15 ml OLEODERM/ litre (1.28-1.9ozfl/gal) solvent

Single bath process
Fill machine to 80 % of its capacity at maximum with the leathers or furs sorted depending on type of material and colour (light, medium, dark), and clean for 7 minutes (light colours), 5 minutes (medium colours) or 3 to 5 minutes (dark colours) at high liquour level. After 3 batches have bath distilled and prepare new. These times are valid for cleaning in perchloroethylene, they have to be doubled for hydrocarbon solvents.
Two bath process
Precleaning with 2 ml/l (0.26 ozfl/gal) CLIP COMBI and 5 ml/litre (0.6 ozfl/gal) OLEODERM for 5 minutes (hydrocarbon solvents 7 to 8 minutes). Have bath distilled. Then continue treatment as described for single bath process.

Storage and dispatch

In closed containers the product can be stored for at least 24 months.

OLEODERM is not affected by frost and stays homogeneous even at temperatures of -5 °C (23 °F).Before use, warm the product to at least +10 °C (50 °F).

Containers should always be tightly closed after dispensing.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
22 kg Plastic Canister 36