Acid binding adsorbent for solvents maintenance in drycleaning machines. For use in Perc.


  • Neutralises and stabilises solvents in drycleaning machines.
  • Prevents corrosion of drycleaning machines.
  • Eliminates unpleasant solvent odours.
  • Binds acid decomposition products of solvents.
  • Ensures smooth distilling.
  • Neutralises fatty acids from solvents.


    Basic dosage
    10 g of ALKANON per kg (0.16 ozfl of ALKANON per lbs) machine capacity for Perc machines.

    After each raking out of the destillation add the appropriate amount of ALKANON into the clean still.

    Due to the large surface of ALKANON a smooth and steady boiling of the distilling bath is provided. ALKANON immediately adsorbs and neutralizes any acid decomposition product and therefore ensures stabilization and neutral odour of the solvents.

    The still should be raked out after 15 loads maximum, since the adsorbing capacity of ALKANON will then be exhausted.

    Particularly drycleaning machines working in closed systems the regular addition of ALKANON is a guarantee to keep the solvent in tip top shape.
    ALKANON can also be added to the filter powder of powder filter machines.
    Safety advice
    Avoid dust formation, do not inhale dust.

    Storage and dispatch

    Store cool and dry.

    Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
    20 kg Paper Sack 20