Cold soluble powdered instant rice starch.


  • Easily and fast soluble in cold water.
  • Covers the fiber with a protective film that is removed again during washing; thin enhances soil removal from table linen and shirts.
  • Shirts, napkins and table linen will stay accurate for a longer time.
  • Improves the finishing and calendaring characteristics of the textiles.
  • Textiles will have smoothness and a pleasant, stiff handle.


1. Dosage

For the last rinsing cycle, low dip.

Dosage per kg (lbs) of machine load:

Bed linen 3 - 6 g/kg (= 7 - 15 ml/kg) (0.05-0.1oz/lbs, 0.11-0.23ozfl/lbs)
Table linen 5 - 10 g/kg (= 12 - 25 ml/kg) (0.08-0.16oz/lbs, 0.18-0.38ozfl/lbs)
Shirts 3 - 6 g/kg (= 7 - 15 ml/kg) (0.05-0.1oz/lbs, 0.11-0.23ozfl/lbs)
Overall coats 10 - 15 g/kg (= 25 - 35 ml/kg) (0.24oz/lbs, 0.38-0.54ozfl/lbs)

Contact time: 5 min

2. Drying
For achieving the effect, OTTALIN STARCH requires heat and time.
Lowest drying temperature: 80 °C (176 °F)
Strengthening of effect up to: 180 °C (356 °F)

The effect of OTTALIN STARCH is reinforced by mangeling and ironing because the starch layer will be fixed on the textiles.

Storage and dispatch

Store cool and dry.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
25 kg Paper Sack 20