Lanadol AVANT x-treme
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Lanadol AVANT x-treme

Highly effective brushing agent with extra strong fat dissolving power for extremely soiled, less sensitive textiles. Can also be used as a wash-power booster.


  • Lanadol AVANT x-treme is a highly effective special fat dissolver for removing extreme oil and greasy soiling, pigment dirt, and soot
  • Gentle to dyes and fibres; moderately alkaline
  • Use as a brushing agent for heavily soiled, washable outerwear
  • Specially developed for the spotting of extremely dirty outdoor clothing, anoraks, down jackets, shirt collars and cuffs
  • Optimal removal of grease, oil and pigment dirt at 10 – 40 °C/50 – 104 °F
  • Complexing agents improve the removal of stains from lubricants, stains from workshops and garages
  • Low foaming, rinses out well in the washing process
  • Textiles brushed with Lanadol AVANT x-treme are advantageously wet cleaned/washed with Lanadol X-PRESS or DERVAL COLOR
  • Lanadol AVANT x-treme can also be used as a wash-power booster in the prewash for extremely soiled textiles
  • Reduces the risk of greying or discolouration


Undiluted Lanadol AVANT x-treme is to be brushed on heavily soiled, oily and greasy areas of textiles. Depending on the application, Lanadol AVANT x-treme can also be diluted 1 : 1 with water for brushing.

After an exposure time of 5 to 10 minutes, the textile is machine washed or wet cleaned according to the selection of the appropriate programme.

Lanadol AVANT x-treme can also be used in the prewash bath with 3 – 5 g/l for better removal of grease and dirt.


For textiles with particularly strong colours, intense colour contrasts and if you suspect poor wet fastness, always carry out a hem test first.

Storage and dispatch

Lanadol AVANT x-treme can be stored for at least 24 months in closed containers. Store in a cool, dry place.

Seal the container tightly after each removal.

Lanadol AVANT x-treme becomes highly viscous at temperatures below +5 °C/41 °F.  Before use, therefore, warm to at least +15 °C/59 °F.