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Liquid combination of native soaps to support the washing power of washing extractors and tunnel washers.


  • OTTALIN SAVON is unscented and can therefore also be combined with all Kreussler detergents.
  • OTTALIN SAVON can be used in all washing procedures.
  • With its very low viscosity, even at low temperatures, it is excellent for automatic dosing. 
  • OTTALIN SAVON supports the cleansing action both in pre-wash and clear-wash cycles.
  • OTTALIN SAVON increases the liquor’s capability to hold/or carry dirt, particularly with pigment soiled laundry.
  • OTTALIN SAVON reduces greying.
  • The re-oiling properties of OTTALIN SAVON increase sliding friction and with that the mobility of the mangle.
  • OTTALIN SAVON prevents static charge. 
  • Mild foaming makes it easier to remove fluff and hair.


For heavily soiled laundry add 1-4 ml OTTALIN SAVON per kg textiles to the pre-wash or clear-wash cycle.

To improve mangle mobility add 1-2 ml OTTALIN SAVON per kg textiles to the clear-wash cycle.

The simultaneous use of OTTALIN SAVON with OTTALIN SOFT or LANADOL ABAC is not recommended.

OTTALIN SAVON can only be used in softened water. In case of water hardening substances these should be sufficiently complexed by the detergent being used. When used in hard water the development of difficultly soluble lime soap is to be expected.

Storage and dispatch

Store container protected from unauthorized access; after each removal tightly reseal container.

OTTALIN SAVON has a shelf life of at least 24 months in closed containers.

OTTALIN SAVON is not frost-sensitive, but for dosing safety reasons should be warmed to 15 °C before use.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
40 kg Plastic Canister 16