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Highly active bleaching soda based on perhydrated compounds. For oxygen bleaching in laundry processes, with improved washing results.


  • Excellent, fibre protective bleaching effect, even at 40 °C (104 °F).
  • Highly effective, washing effect enhancing and environmentally friendly bleaching agent.
  • Usable as additive to laundry detergents like DERVAL SOLO, DERVAL RENT, TREBON BASIS.
  • Usable as additive bleaching agent for heavily soiled or stained laundry.
  • Active oxygen bleaching, products are completely biodegradable.
  • No AOX-pollution to sewage.
  • Controlled emission of active oxygen, caused by the bleach enhancing increase of the pH-value during hydrolysis; this leads to an additional improvement  of the washing effect.
  • Powderous bleach for use in laundry processes, easily handling.
  • Application in combination with alkaline detergents of the DERVAL or TREBON product row.


Dosing for main wash together with the detergent.

Dosage: 5 - 10 g/kg (0.08-0.19 oz/lbs) dry weight load.

If OTTALIN OXY is added after reaching a wash temperature of 40 - 80 °C (104-176 °F), the bleaching effect will increase. In this case the bleaching period must at least last 15 minutes.

Storage and dispatch

Store cool and dry.

Allow opened containers to ventilate.

Do not replace spillage's back into the container.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
10 kg Plastic Canister 80
25 kg Plastic Canister 36