Derval PRE
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Derval PRE

Highly concentrated wash-power booster for heavily soiled laundry. Fat remover for all kinds of textiles.


  • Extremely pronounced oil and fat emulsifying capability in the temperature range 70 -85 °C (158-185 °F).
  • Highly effective against specific oil soiling (silicone oils, white oils, mineral oils) for work wear and operating theatre textile classifications.
  • Excellent pigment dispersals capability.
  • Multi-purpose: wash-power booster, fat-dissolving neutral detergent, rapid wetting agent for continuous washing machines.
  • Do not flush the dosing tube after dispensing DERVAL PRE with water.
  • Not sensitive to hard water.


Application Soiling ml/kg (ozfl/lbs) T[°C] (°F)
Prewash * Mineral oil/pigments 10 (0.15) 70-85 (158-185)
Mainwash Öle/Fette 3 - 5 (0.05-0.08) 50-85 (122-185)
Neutral detergent Fats / pigments 3-7 (0.05-0.11) cold-60 (140)
Rapid wetting agent 0,5-1(0.01-0.02)

* For pre-washing of work wear made of cotton and mixed fibres, use in conjunction with DERVAL SOLO, DERVAL ALKA, TREBON SI or TREBON BASIS. In automatic dosing systems, do not flush DERVAL PRE with water.
For low temperature washing processes (40-60 °C, 104-140 °F) we recommend DERVAL ENERGY as fat removing booster.

Storage and dispatch

Do not store at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F).

If the product was exposed to frost during the transport, allow product to reach a temperature of at least 15 °C (59 °F) before use. A product temperature of less than 10 °C (50 °F) may impair the proper function of dosing equipment.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
24 kg Plastic Canister 36
40 kg Plastic Canister 16
200 kg Plastic Drum 2
640 kg Container 1