Clip CSL
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Clip CSL

The GreenEarth® Detergent

Concentrated drycleaning detergent with antistatic properties and handle improving effect. For use in Cyclosiloxane D5 solvent.


CLIP CSL is approved by GreenEarth and recommended to be used with GreenEarth cleaning processes.

  • CLIP CSL increases the cleaning effect and avoids redeposition.
  • CLIP CSL is free of VOC; the distillation residue remains liquid and pumpable.
  • CLIP CSL improves the handle of drycleaned garments, finishing will be easier.
  • CLIP CSL has excellent antistatic properties and reduces deposits in the drycleaning process.
  • CLIP CSL helps to keep solvent and water separator in hygienic conditions.
  • CLIP CSL does not contain perfume.


Distilling machines
Basic concentration: 2 – 3 ml/l CLIP CSL / per liter (0.26 – 0.38 ozfl/gal) of solvent.

Topping up
6 – 8 ml/kg (0.09 – 0.12 ozfl/lbs) machine capacity.
4 min. solvent from working tank, low dip, pump circuit; drain to distillation.
1 min. spin to distillation.
4 min. solvent from working- and clean tank, high dip, dosage of CLIP CSL, pump circuit;
6 min. filtration; drain to working tank
3 min spin to working tank

Non-distilling machines
To avoid overconcentrations, no topping up, but prebrushing with PRENETT CS.

PRENETT CS for general prebrushing, PRENETT A–B-C for stain removal.

Storage and dispatch

In closed packaging, CLIP CSL has a shelf life of at least 24 months.

The product is indifferent to frost, but thickens at low temperatures.

To ensure correct dosage, allow product to reach + 15 °C (59 °F) before use.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
22 kg Plastic Canister 36