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Concentrated drycleaning detergent with highly active odour absorber, neutral scent, excellent antistatic characteristics and comfort retexturing properties.
For use in Perc and hydrocarbon.


  • The highly active odour absorption characteristics of CLIP COMFORT ensure the neutral, fresh scent of the cleaned textiles.
  • The odour absorbing characteristics of CLIP COMFORT are so dominant that even intensive mal odours such as smoke or body odours are removed completely.
  • Therefore, CLIP COMFORT is also suitable for treating outerwear from nursing homes and for regenerating textiles after water or fire damage.
  • Fibre-protecting retexturing and reliable antistatic properties reduce finishing expenditure, and the wear comfort of the cleaned clothing is improved effectively.
  • CLIP COMFORT prevents lint deposits and clogging in the cleaning machine so that the drying process is optimized.
  • CLIP COMFORT does not contain VOC; the distillation residue remains liquid and pumpable.


Base Concentration:
2-3 ml CLIP COMFORT per litre (0.26 – 0.38 oz CLIP COMFORT / gal) solvent and filter.


Two-bath procedure
(1st bath for distillation)
Dosage into 2nd bath → 75ml CLIP COMFORT per 10 kg (2.5 oz CLIP COMFORT per 22 lb) machine capacity.
Single-bath procedure
→ 50 ml CLIP COMFORT per 10 kg (1.7 oz CLIP COMFORT per 22 lb) machine capacity at beginning of batch.

In hydrocarbon→ PRENETT PUR and PRENETT CS.

For further information, please refer to the technical data sheets of our prespotting product range.

In case of non-colourfast dyes which might occur on textiles made of viscose, silk, cotton, linen, micro fibres, acetate in principle is a risk of local colour change or loss.

In case of doubt, do not prespot.

Storage and dispatch

When stored in a sealed container, CLIP COMFORT has a minimal shelf life of 24 months.

Even though the product is indifferent to frost, it may become viscous at low temperatures.

To ensure correct dosage, allow CLIP COMFORT to reach a temperature of +15 °C (59 ° F) before use.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
24 kg Plastic Canister 36
200 kg Plastic Drum 2