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Super concentrated heavy-duty detergent for whites for application in hard and soft water. Using this ecolabelled product and following the dosing instructions will contribute to the reduction of water pollution, waste production and energy consumption. Awardance of the EU ecolabel.


  •  Awardance of the EU ecolabel.
  • Free of zeolites, phosphates, perborates and NTA and therefore particularly   eco-friendly.
  • Thorough removal of pigments and fats.
  • Effective and gentle bleaching from 40°C.
  • Reliable complexation of heavy metal ions.
  • Reliable washing in soft and hard water.
  • Protects from tissue incrustation and deposit formation on machines.
  • Particularly low foaming.
  • Particularly economical due to very low dosing quantities.
  • 1 kg TREBON PLUS ECO is sufficient for 60-100 kg laundry (hardness range 1 - 4).


TREBON PLUS ECO has been awarded the European ecolabel!

Registration number: DE/006/041

The EU ecolabel is the ecolabel that has been approved by all member states of the EU as well as Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland for the labelling of eco-friendly products and services.

The award is given only to products and services that have lower impacts on the environment than comparable products.

The EU ecolabel allows consumers to easily identify more eco-friendly and healthier products.

Detergents for industrial and institutional applications that bear this label must fulfil strict requirements with regard to e.g. the following criteria:

  • Product information and dosage recommendations
  • Toxicity to water organisms
  • Biodegradability
  • Substances or mixtures that are prohibited or subject to restrictions
  • Demands on packaging
  • Washing Performance


For the environment’s sake, please wash at the lowest recommended temperature and with full drum load.

Please observe our dosage recommendations according to the degree of soiling and water hardness.

Water hardness

Hardness Water hardness (°dH) Amount g/kg medium soiled Amount g/kg heavily soiled
<8,4 (soft) 8 (10 ml/kg) 10 (12,5 ml/kg)
8,4-14 (medium) 10 (12,5 ml/kg) 12 (15 ml/kg)
>14 (hard) 12 (15 ml/kg) 14 (17,5 ml/kg)