Trebon BASIS
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Trebon BASIS

Phosphate-free basic detergent for washing textiles made of cotton and blends.


  • Highly efficient even at very low dosage.
  • Thorough removal of stubborn oil, grease, and pigment soils.
  • Good washing results from 60 °C (140 °F).
  • Reliable complexation of heavy metal ions and water hardness.
  • Particularly low foaming.
  • Stable buffering in the optimum washing range ensures improved washing action and reduced rinsing expenditure.
  • Perfect solubility of all components prevents mud clogging during waste water treatment.
  • Free from phosphates, zeolites, and NTA.


Listed in the disinfectant list of the Robert Koch Institute in accordance with § 18 IfSG for laundry disinfection in washing machines using the chemo thermal disinfection procedure at 65 °C (149°F) in combination with OTTALIN PERACET, Type A, application quantity 2g/l (0.26oz/gal) TREBON BASIS, 2 ml/l (0.26ozfl/gal) OTTALIN PERACET, reaction time 12 minutes

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Hardness range Water hardness (°dH) g/kg (oz/lbs) ware at 30-70 °C (86-158°F) Yield* kg (lbs)
1 0-7 (soft) 10 =12ml/kg (0.19 =0.18ozfl/lbs) 100 (221)
2 7-14 (medium) 12 =15ml/kg (0.19 =0.23 ozfl/lbs) 83 (183)
3 14-21 (hard)16 =20ml/kg (0.25=0.31 ozfl/lbs) 63 (139)
4 > 21 (very hard) 18 =21ml/kg (0.29=0.32 ozfl/lbs) 55 (121)

*kg (lbs) dry weight textiles per kg of TREBON BASIS
For intensive mineral oil dirts, the use of DERVAL PRE or DERVAL ENERGY for prewashing is recommended.

For dirts containing albumin, do not exceed a prewashing temperature of 45 °C (113 °F); for denaturated albumin, use 1 g OTTALIN ENZYM per kg (0.02 oz/lbs) of laundry.

TREBON BASIS can be dosed through all conventional powder mills and is unreservedly suited for stock solution (10 % solution, 30 – 50 °C (86-122 °F).

Storage and dispatch

tore at a cool and dry location.

Observe safety precautions.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
25 kg Plastic Sack 20
200 kg Big Bag 1