Trebon 2
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Trebon 2

Enzyme-containing wash-power booster for extremely dirty laundry.


  • Excellent oil and grease emulsifying power.
  • Highly effective against specific oil soils (silicone oils, white oils, mineral oils) from work wear, OT textiles, particularly suited for work wear from food processing industries.
  • TREBON 2 is optimised for temperature range 30-60 °C (86-140 °F).
  • Superb action against albuminous soils.
  • Excellent pigment dispersing power.
  • Versatile application as grease-dissolving neutral detergent, quick wetting agent in the pre-wash zone of tunnel washers.
  • Easy pumpable.
  • Indifferent to water hardness.
  • Ideal for washing coloured textiles at  40-60 °C (104-140 °F).


Application Dirt ml/kg (ozfl/lbs) T [°C] (°F)
Prewash Mineral oils/pigments 20 (0.31) 60-75 (140-167)
Wash-power booster Oils/greases/albumin 6-10 (0.06-0.15) 30-75 (86-167)
Neutral Laundry detergent Greases/pigments/albumins 5-10 (0.08-0.15) cold-60 (140)
Wetting agent 1-2 (0.02-0.03) cold

* For prewashing cotton or mixed fibre working clothes, apply in combination with DERVAL POWER, DERVAL SOLO, DERVAL ALKA, TREBON SI or TREBON BASIS.

Storage and dispatch

Do not store at temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F).

If the product was exposed to frost during transport, allow it to reach a temperature of at least 10 °C (50 °F) before use.

If the temperature of the product is below 10 °C (50 °F), the operation of the dosing equipment may be impaired.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
24 kg Plastic Canister 36
40 kg Plastic Canister 16
200 kg Plastic Drum 2