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Halogen-free solvent for dry cleaning in SYSTEMK4.

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH has a worldwide patent pending for the innovative cleaning system SYSTEMK4.


  • SOLVONK4 is a new halogen-free solvent for dry cleaning in SYSTEMK4; the solvent is easily distillable in machines with vacuum distillation, for distillation, the steam pressure should be set to an energy-saving value of 1.8 - 2.5 bar. For drying, a steam pressure of 4 - 4.5 bar has proven successful. Therefore, the installation of two steam reduction valves should be provided when the cleaning machine is installed.
  • SOLVONK4 is not suited for application in Perc cleaning machines.
  • Worldwide patent pending for SOLVONK4 for cleaning textiles, leather, and furs.
  • SOLVONK4 is biodegradable.
  • SOLVONK4 is a pure substance which ensures constant composition even for multiple constant distillation cleaning cycles.
  • The solvency power of SOLVONK4 (Kauri-butanol value 75) is within the range of that of Perc (KB 90); SOLVONK4 has excellent cleaning efficiency for fats and oils.
  • SOLVONK4 has a better pigment dispersion ability than conventional solvents; the tendency for greying is low.
  • Compared with conventional cleaning systems, SOLVONK4 reduces manual pre-spotting.
  • SOLVONK4 is non- toxic and not a dangerous good and not a dangerous substance.
  • SOLVONK4 reduces lint build-up in machines.
  • With its excellent cleaning power, SOLVONK4 removes unpleasant odors including smoke.
  • Leathers cleaned with SOLVONK4 don’t dry out, additional liquor oil is usually not required.
  • Textiles cleaned with SOLVONK4 have a very pleasant, smooth feel and brilliant color, they are wrinkle-resistant and easy to finish.
  • SOLVONK4 is subject to the European VOC Directive 1999/13/EG that has been implemented in Germany with the 31. BImSchV.

For detailed information on SYSTEMK4, please refer to our brochure or to SYSTEMK4

Storage and dispatch

SOLVONK4 is not frost-sensitive.

Storage according to VbF A III.

Containers should be tightly closed after dispensing.

Standard packagings Dispatch unit / pallet
20 kg Plastic Canister 36
170 kg Plastic Drum 2