The brand family OTTALIN comprises our range of laundry auxiliary agents for bleaching and disinfecting, complexing water hardness, removing smells from textiles, reducing oxygen for the further use of the service water, auxiliary agents for giving the laundry a skin-friendly pH value, but also laundry post treatment agents, e.g. softeners, liquid starch and acidification agents.

Bleaching and disinfection

and OTTALIN PA-CONC, the bleaching and disinfecting agents that have been optimized for low-temperature washing procedures, are stabilizing peracetic acids based on active oxygen. Peracetic acids ensure excellent bleaching effects in alkaline washing liquors and are highly active against biofilms.

Peracetic acids have an exceptionally broad range of efficacy against bacteria, fungi, spores, algae, yeasts, mycobacteria and viruses. Being bleaching agents based on active oxygen, peracetic acids do not contain halogens and do not form waste water-relevant AOX with dirt. Peracetic acids are easily biodegradable and do not damage fibres in the washing process.

OTTALIN OXY is a powdery bleaching agent based on active oxygen that releases washing alkalinity and oxygen bleach in the washing process.

OTTALIN CL is a powdery chlorine bleach that is easy to handle and can be used in manual dosage if so required, e.g. for cleaning kitchens or for stubborn dirts that can usually only be removed with chlorine bleach.

To ensure the complete destruction of the active chlorine content after bleaching, the bleaching process should be continued approx. 10 minutes with chlorine bleach at max. 55 °C and then with oxygen bleach (e.g. TREBON PLUS) in the same bath. The time-delayed addition of chlorine bleach into the bleaching process improves the degree of whiteness and is extremely important to avoid fibre damage caused by remaining chlorine, particularly on cotton.


Bleaching and disinfecting agents are generally used in the main wash zone together with alkaline single-shot detergents. Where appropriate, wash-power boosters are added used in the main wash zone, depending on the degree of soiling. Bleaching and disinfecting agents are typically dosed when the programmed washing temperature is reached.


OTTALIN FINISH, OTTALIN SOFT and OTTALIN ODX are finishing agents for the posttreatment of the washed laundry.

OTTALIN FINISH is a liquid starch for finishing table linen or shirts. The product improves the wrinkle recovery, gives the textiles the desired handle and improves the degree of whiteness.

OTTALIN SOFT is a laundry softener with pleasant scent. The product prevents static charging and gives the textiles a pleasantly soft handle as well as a fresh scent.

OTTALIN SOFT intense is a fabric softener concentrate with long-lasting and thermostable fresh fragrance.

OTTALIN ODX removes all kinds of unpleasant smells in the finishing bath and gives the laundry smoothness, easy-finish characteristics and a fresh scent. This effect must not be confused with that of a laundry softener: OTTALIN ODX makes the laundry smooth but not soft.    

OTTALIN FINISH is dosed into the finishing bath as starch. Liquid starches have the advantage that the product can be used immediately without further preparations.

OTTALIN SOFT and SOFT intense are dosed into the final rinsing bath as softener.

OTTALIN ODX is dosed into the final rinsing bath as odour absorber and laundry smoothing agent. Do not use OTTALIN ODX in the finishing bath together with OTTALIN SOFT or SOFT intense.

Special applications

This product group comprises acidifiers with complexing characteristics, e.g. OTTALIN CITRO, products with enzymatic activity for degrading active oxygen, e.g. OTTALIN ECOSAN, or the enzymatic detergency enhancer OTTALIN ENZYM.

To increase the soil-suspending characteristics in the washing liquor and to make the flat laundry easier to mangle, OTTALIN SAVON is used in the main wash zone.

OTTALIN PLEX reduces the water hardness and is used for washing plasterers’ clothing.

OTTALIN washing auxiliaries are used in accordance with the basic idea of a construction kit whenever the circumstances or the degree of soiling require it.
For normal dirt, it is sufficient to combine single-shot detergents with wash-power boosters and bleaching or disinfecting agents.

  • OTTALIN ECOSAN, the highly active biocatalyst, ensures that water recovered from press and rinsing baths effectively prevents the baking of protein on textiles before it is reused in the prewashing zone.
  • OTTALIN ENZYM is used for extremely dirty hospital laundry as well as for work clothing from the fish and food processing industry.
  • OTTALIN CITRO is more than a normal acidifier for neutralizing laundry. The neutralization products buffer the pH off and are, unlike conventional acidifiers, not volatile in the drier. OTTALIN CITRO also has complexing characteristics which has advantages particularly with regard to water recovery as usually applied in the commercial laundry industry.  
  • In operations without water softening system, OTTALIN PLEX prevents the formation of boiler scale.