SYSTEMK4 is an innovative, highly effective, eco-compatible and absolutely safe cleaning procedure for the commercial textile care for which we have applied a worldwide patent. SOLVONK4 is a solvent with the same and partially even better cleaning power than perc that is neither a hazardous material nor a hazardous substance.


SYSTEMK4 provides a long-term eco-compatible solution for the cleaning operations with powerful cleaning effect without compromises.

The basic component of SYSTEMK4 is the solvent SOLVONK4 whose characteristics differ considerably from those of conventional solvents in the dry cleaning industry. SOLVONK4 is a halogen-free, organic solvent with a purity of more than 99% and excellent cleaning performance.

As it is free of dangerous substances (according to CLP regulation) and due to its favourable general rating (according to GHS), it is also quickly and fully accepted by employees, clients, lessors and authorities. SOLVONK4 is also biodegradable and has been dermatologically tested with a „very good“ result.

SYSTEMK4 offers a symbiosis of effectiveness, operational safety and favourable ecotoxicological behaviour that was previously not considered possible in textile cleaning.

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System advantages

Clearly well thought out– SYSTEMK4 for a sustainable future:

  • Excellent cleaning power against water-soluble and lipophilic dirt.
  • Gentle cleaning of textiles, leather and furs.
  • Reduced finishing effort due to low creasing.
  • Very pleasant and smooth handle.
  • Excellent wear comfort.
  • Brilliant colours.
  • Increased protection against greying.
  • Cleaned textiles have a fresh scent.
  • Non-toxic.
  • No dangerous substance or material according to CLP.
  • Favourable rating according to GHS.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Saving of energy costs due to less distillation and drying work.
  • High productivity due to short batch times.
  • Cost reduction due to less prespotting work.
  • Avoidance of multiple treatment due to lower number of returns.
  • Time savings due to less finishing work.
  • Lower costs for the disposal of the distillation residues due to the halogen-free solvent SOLVONK4.
  • Positive effect on the operating costs due to fewer legal restrictions.


SYSTEMK4 consists of four components whose core element is the completely new solvent SOLVONK4.

With the solvent SOLVONK4, SYSTEMK4 has all the prerequisites for the effective and hygienic cleaning of sensitive textiles. The cleaning system is perfectly complemented by the following three products:

PRENETTK4 – The pre-brushing agent.

CLIPK4 – The dry cleaning detergent.

VINOYK4 – The proofing spray.

SOLVONK4The solvent:

  • Halogen-free.
  • Purity > 99%.
  • Excellent cleaning performance – effective against lipophilic AND water-bound dirt.
  • Low finishing effort and pleasant handle.
  • No dangerous substance or material in Europe (CLP).
  • Favourable rating according to GHS.