ESDOGEN is a washing system for the particular requirements of textile care in hotels, guest houses, nursing homes and industry. For wine, juice, lipstick, oil, creams, ointments or the treatment of laundry that is suspected to be infected in retirement and nursing homes – our washing system offers a solution for each washing task.


  • Eco-compaible washing due to elimination of phosphates, chlorine, NTA and zeolithes.
  • Low alkaline washing saves rinsing cycles and therefore water, prevents irritation of the skin and protects textiles as well as machines.
  • Safety: ESDOGEN DETERGENT and ESDOGEN BOOSTER are rated neither caustic (C) nor environmentally hazardous (N).
  • Simple and exact dosing due to low viscosity fluctuation in the event of temperature changes.
  • Excellent degree of whiteness already from 40 °C.
  • Disinfecting washing in chemothermal single-bath procedure at 40 °C in accordance with the guidelines of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (RKI listing applied).
  • Excellent results in dermatological/allergological tests (no allergenic or toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions).


The liquid products that remove even extreme dirt without residues complement one another like the modules in a construction kit.

The ESDOGEN system uses only what is really needed because the quantities and components used depend on the degree of soiling and on the desired degree of hygiene. If a component is not required, it is not used at all so that ESDOGEN ensures an optimal washing result at minimal costs.

The liquid washing system ESDOGEN is perfectly suited for fully automatic dosing, and the use of the user-friendly ESDOGEN dosing system makes washing even easier!