It's now been 8 weeks using the SOLVONK4 cleaning solvent and I can't be happier. It removes the oily type stains without any problem and is able to hold moisture quite well. I'm clean my beaded wedding gowns with great results! Also my leathers. And obviously my regular cleaning as well. Thank God for SYSTEMK4! It's the answer the industry has been waiting for.

Jim Desjardins, Daisy Cleaners, Salem NH, USA

We principle use the best technology available on the market, and we were the first who used new technologies like wet cleaning, CO2-cleaning and D5 (Greenearth) in Denmark. We have however missed a technology that could give the cleaning effect we had from earlier days when we used Perc, without the rather high energy consumption of hydrocarbon and D5. With SYSTEMK4 we found a solution that will secure our company for many years ahead. Good Cleaning effect, low energy consumption and peace of mind are the big benefits for KYMI RENS.

Michael Porsmose (Managing Director), KYMI RENS

SYSTEMK4 is the answer to the prayer of every day dry cleaner looking for freedom and a bright future in this our business of professional clothes care. SYSTEMK4 cleans clothes, safely and effectively. Garments are remarkable soft and easily finished. Gone is the harsh, static and dry reptilian feel of clothes cleaned in perchlor. Beads are safe as are almost all accessoires and trims. Spotting is reduced and easier by far. And with all of this, SYSTEMK4 is safe for the people who use it and safe for the environment around us.
How much do I believe in SYSTEMK4? If money is any indication to you, the fact is that I have now jettisoned three perfectly good perchlor dry cleaning machines, and replaced them with three SYSTEMK4 machines. I call that putting my money where my mouth is. What would you call it?

Mark Gadue (Owner), Gadue’s Dry Cleaning, USA

Combining excellent cleaning capabilities that rival Perc with an environmental footprint unmatched by any other dry cleaning solvent, SYSTEMK4 has enabled us to achieve success on multiple levels. With zero failures on any garment in the last 6 months we have been able to maintain our position as a premier couture cleaner while offering a true environmentally responsible choice to our clientele. We couldn't be happier!

Jeffrey Davidson (President), Holly Cleaners Inc., USA

In Valkenswaard we managed to realise a breakthrough in the environment-friendly cleaning of garments and fabrics. As of January 2011 dry-cleaner Bos has been in the possession of the environment-friendly dry cleaning machine that uses the biologically degradable solvent SOLVONK4. Dry cleaner Bos now is one of the most environment-friendly dry cleaners in the world. In 2008 we started our search for alternative dry cleaning methods. In the Netherlands we visited dry cleaners working with liquid CO2 and hydrocarbon. My son Edwin traveled to America to convince himself of 'Green Earth'. None of these dry cleaning methods were as effective as perchloroethylene. Finally I ended up in Germany with Kreussler. Kreussler had been developing a new solvent SOLVONK4 and had been testing this in various laboratory and practical tests with extremely good cleaning results. During the next 8 months we stayed in close touch with one of the beta sites. The results were so good that we decided to buy the innovative dry cleaning machine that is tailored to the new solvent, SOLVONK4. SYSTEMK4 is better for the clothes, there is less need for stain removal and it is environment-friendly.

Jan Bos (Owner), Eerste Valkenswaardse Stoomwasscherij Jan Bos & Zn., Niederlande

Why we switched to Kreussler.
Nu Yale had made a corporate decision to become a green company. By beeing a member of America best Cleaners and becoming a member of the Green Business Bureau, we understood the importance of beeing green. Nu Yale also had a higher standard. Any changes must clean better than present cleaning systems. We found that ghigher standard the new SYSTEMK4. This new environmentally cleaning system was able to meet both of these criteria. The cleaning we are receiving is superior to the previous standard (perk) and it also gives this superior quality in an environmental responsible manor. Thanks!

Gary Maloney (President/CEO), Nu Yale Cleaners, USA

With the new solvent SOLVONK4 we are able to get clothes cleaner for our customers. We can now do this healthier and worry free knowing that this new solvent is safe for our customers, employees and the environment. This is one the greatest things to happen in the dry-cleaning industry during my 24 years in the business.

Phil Cote (Owner), French Cleaners in West Hartford, CT, USA

"Hey, you want to be a beta site for this new solvent we are testing?” Now there’s a question not asked every day in the dry cleaning business. So it began.
At Cleary’s we have always been loyal to Perc. Main reason, it cleaned. We were fortunate in that as other alternatives came to market we had made some acquisitions which allowed us to have multiple alternative solvents side by side with Perc. Specifically, GE and Df2000. They each had their advantages to Perc and we tried very hard to maximize these advantages. Unfortunately the pros didn’t outweigh the cons. Neither cleaned that well and really became a problem with a bad odor. We tried very hard to fix some of those problems but never got it to even come close to matching Perc. Then comes along SYSTEMK4. We were told a cleaner in Burlingtion Vermont had been having success with SYSTEMK4. They were the first in the country use SYSTEMK4. This operator was very partial to as he calls it, perchlor. Why, because it cleaned. Based on hearing this Cleary’s was willing to become the second beta site in the United States. We were excited to have the ability to clean with GE, DF2000, Perc and now SYSTEMK4. After some minor work an existing Realstar KM503 machine we were up and running with SYSTEMK4. I was shocked at how well it cleaned the clothes and how the machine didn’t go insane because of this new solvent running through it. The still cooked over beautifully at a steam pressure of 30 psi. 20 to 25 less than what we cooking the other solvents at. The separators over time stayed clean. Everything just worked. The stain removal was comparable to Perc. Oily type stains were removed. Cycle times at 65 minutes. It didn’t take long to switch the other two Realstars to SYSTEMK4. All of this happened in July of 2010. We have since ordered a SYSTEMK4 Union Dry Cleaning machine and should have it installed in February. After that we say good bye to Perchloroethlene.

Douglas Cleary, Cleary Cleaning Inc., USA

We are using the patented process known as SYSTEMK4 which has been developed by the German company Kreussler. Behind our wall lies a state of the art dry cleaning system that represents the best in European design and development and the most modern in Australasia. This process provides a very high standard of textile cleaning using eco friendly, non toxic, biodegradable products and purpose built machinery. Apart from making the SYSTEMK4 service available to customers, our store is available for demonstrations for existing and potential dry cleaning business owners who wish to upgrade to a sustainable eco friendly process and a healthier and safer workplace.

Jack Wang (Owner), Panache Drycleaner, Neuseeland
E-Mail: jack.zhwang(at)yahoo.com