1 System – 4 components of success!

With the successful quartet SYSTEMK4 met all the requirements for an effective and hygienic cleaning of delicate fabrics.



SOLVONK4 – the halogen-free solvent.

SOLVONK4 has very different properties from conventional solvents in dry-cleaning. It is a halogen-free, organic solvent with a pureness of > 99 % and excellent cleaning performance.

The innovative solvent is not only able to dissolve and absorb lipophilic (fats, greases and oil) but also hydrophilic soil (water soluble soil). Besides the excellent cleaning power of SOLVONK4 the cleaned textiles also have a pleasant and smooth feel. Noticeable is also minimized fiber abrasion during the cleaning process and also less creasing. In Europe SOLVONK4, similar to HCS respectively cyclosiloxane D5, underlies the VOC directive, in Germany implemented by the 31st Federal Emission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV). According to the current status of legislation in Europe SOLVONK4 is neither a hazardous material nor a hazardous substance! Even after the, as of December 2010, for materials valid CLP classification SOLVONK4 still does not require any hazardous labeling on the European market. SOLVONK4 is biodegradable and dermatologically tested with “Very Good“.

The named properties in combination with a very favorable classification within the framework of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances are unique and have not been achieved in the past. The results of pre-market-tests demonstrate that SOLVONK4 has the potential of becoming a paradigm for dry-cleaning.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Halogen free.
  • Pureness > 99 %.
  • Excellent cleaning performance – effective against lipophilic AND hydrophilic soil.
  • Easy fi nish and pleasant feel.
  • Neither a hazardous material nor a hazardous substance in Europe (CLP).


CLIPK4 – The detergent concentrate.

CLIPK4, the highly concentrated dry cleaning detergent is distinguished by its excellent cleaning performance and hygienic freshness. It protects against greying, has excellent anti-static properties and lastingly improves the wearing comfort of dry-cleaned clothes. Whites stay white after dry cleaning, the colors are fresh and the feel is superb. Not only dirt but also foreign odors, for example after a fire, are completely removed. When cleaning leather the addition of lubricants or emollients is no longer necessary. The leather is clean, wonderfully soft and simply has a good feel to it. With the highly concentrated CLIPK4 you can use small amounts and still achieve very good cleaning results.


PRENETTK4 – The brushing agent.

For strongly soiled pieces SYSTEMK4 offers a brushing agent: PRENETTK4. It reliably removes soil such as collar or cuff dirt. PRENETTK4 rinses out residue free and supports dirt removal during the cleaning process. PRENETTK4 is VOC-free and unscented. Even in small amounts PRENETTK4 is highly effective and at the same time protects delicate textiles. To remove specific stains we recommend the tried and tested spotting agents from Kreussler (Deprit Professional Series and Prenett A, B, C).


VINOYK4 – The water and stain repellant agent.

For water and stain repellency with VINOYK4 the fluorocarbon resin is already pre-dissolved in SOLVONK4. The system conformity preserves solvent pureness and prevents unnecessary residue. In addition this also ensures that the chemical-physical properties (flashpoint, boiling point, polarity) of the solvent remain unchanged. This leads to increased process and work safety. The goods receive a full feel and an excellent spot protection and water repellency.

Machinery care

Peramon - Acid-binder and stabilizer with deodorizers for solvent care.

The solvent care and the maintenance of the water separator are frequently neglected although these works are of utmost importance to ensure that solvent and machine remain in a hygienically perfect condition. What is sometimes overlooked is the fact that the water separator or for some machine types the water separators play an important role for the olfactory neutrality of the cleaned textiles.

In Central European climate, a typical mixed batch has a humidity of approx. 5% resulting from the moisture in the textiles. Since the items are overdried in the drying process, the moisture remains in the water separator of the machine and leaves the system in form of condensate. The few liters of contact water per day (approx. 5 liters) sometimes filter several hundred liters of solvent per day. Even though the contact water looks crystal clear, the contamination level of these few liters can be very substantial.

To ensure that the water separator, which frequently comprises several stages, is always clean, we recommend to drain the water phase regularly and to flush the water separator at weekly intervals with 2-3 liters of fresh water after the contact water has been drained. Many machines have a small funnel with manual valve installed over the water separator. With the machine standing still, the fresh water can be added slowly within 2-3 minutes. The fresh water separates from the solvent, runs through the different separators within approx. 10 minutes and then flows into the safety separator.

This maintenance measure cleans any existing conductivity probes at the bottom of the separator and also keeps the separator sightglass clean. Polar fragrances that may have been introduced by the textiles, are volatile in steam or were overdistilled by the distillation are dissolved partially or even preferably in the water phase of the separator and are thereby once more separated from the solvent. The cleaned items smell fresher and do not have any foreign odours.

If there was a machine issue concerning unpleasant scents, repeated use of this measure in combination with distillation of the solvent leads to a significant improvement of the situation within 1 or two days. If regular maintenance is performed on the water separator, this problem should not arise in the first place. The addition of PERAMON after each cleaning of the still ensures a slightly aklkaline pH of the solvent. Odour-intensive substances are bound in the still, and corrosion on machine parts and coolers is avoided.  

We recommend the regular use of PERAMON in solvent cleaning machines for all solvents in the textile care industry.

PERAMON for the care of solvents, machines and components ensures hygienic conditions in cleaning machines and avoids the occurence of unpleasant smells. By stabilizing the pH of the solvents, PERAMON actively contributes to the stabilization of the solvents in the textile cleaning industry.

Maintenance plan for dry cleaning machines