One system – multiple advantages!

Cleaning results as with PERC but neither a dangerous material nor a hazardous substance in accordance with CLP! Professional and sustainable textile care without loss of quality, but yet efficient and economical!

SYSTEMK4  is an innovative, and highly efficient cleaning system for professional textile care. Absolutely the right solution for ALL!


Overview of the quality advantages:

  • Excellent cleaning power for water soluble and lipophilic stains.
  • Hardly any pre-spotting necessary.
  • Gentle cleaning of textiles, leather and furs.
  • Reduced finish-effort thanks to less creasing.
  • Very pleasant and smooth feel.
  • High wearing comfort.
  • Bright colors.
  • Increased protection against textiles turning grey.
  • The cleaned textiles have a fresh scent.

Quality that is obvious.

SYSTEMK4 features the same – for some textiles even better – cleaning properties as perchloroethylene.

Lipophilic and in particular water soluble soil is excellently removed. Even saline (salt based) soil is removed better with SYSTEMK4.


Effective environmental protection.

We take over responsibility – for the protection of human health and our environment. That is why all components of SYSTEMK4 are produced in such a way that they fulfill stringent, statutory environmental regulations and even go beyond these regulations. And that without giving up best cleaning results. With SOLVONK4 we ensure safe transportation, working, disposal and living.

Well thought out – SOLVONK4 for a sustainable future:

  • Non-toxic.
  • Non-hazardous material, not a hazardous substance according to CLP.
  • Favorable classification according to GHS.
  • Biodegradable.

Characteristics and classification of solvents in comparison

<b>Density</b> 0.83 g/ml 1.62 g/ml 0.78 g/ml 0.95 g/ml
<b>Poiling point</b> 180.5 °C 121.1 °C 180-210 °C 211 °C
<b>KB-value</b> 75 90 25 13
<b>Flash point</b> 62 °C --- 57-64 °C 77 °C
<b>Evaporation number</b> 67 10 80-120 >120
<b>EC-classification</b> --- Xn;N; R40-51/53 canc. Kat.3 Xn R65-66 ---
<b>CLP (Implementation GHS in Europe)</b> --- WARNING <p><img src="" alt="Mensch;r" height="30" width="30">&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Umwelt;r" height="30" width="30"></p> 3.6/2 Karz. 2; H351; 4.1/2; H411 DANGER <p><img src="" width="30" height="30" alt="Mensch;r"></p> 3.10/1 Asp. 1; H304; EUH066 ---
<b>GHS</b> WARNING 2.6/4; H227 WARNING <p><img src="" alt="Mensch;r" height="30" width="30">&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Umwelt;r" height="30" width="30"></p> 3.6/2 Karz. 2; H351; 4.1/2; H411 DANGER<p><img src="" width="30" height="30" alt="Mensch;r"></p> 3.10/1 Asp. 1; H304; 2.6/4; H227 WARNING 2.6/4; H227


Advantages you can count on.

Our motto - Reduce costs systematically:

  • Energy cost savings due to less effort in distillation and drying.
  • High productivity due to short cycle times.
  • Cost reduction due to less effort in pre-spotting.
  • Prevention of multiprocessing due to less returns.
  • Time-savings due to less finish-effort.
  • Lower costs for the disposal of distillation residues thanks to the halogen free solvent SOLVONK4.
  • Positive effect on operating costs due to less legal restrictions.

Satisfield customers will return and recommend you!


Definitely the right solution.

When developing SYSTEMK4 we focused on the needs of all parties. Our goal was to develop an effective system from which all would benefit – from the cleaner to the shop assistant to the end customer. This is the only way for us to ensure long-term success and together look forward to a secure future!

Along with the already mentioned advantages, SYSTEMK4 offers numerous further advantages for…

…all parties:

SYSTEMK4 is tested and dermatologically absolutely harmless. SOLVONK4 is more powerful than all the previous cleaning technologies. Due to it being free of hazardous substances (according to the CLP-Regulation) and its favorable general categorization (by GHS), it is quickly and fully accepted by colleagues, clients, landlords and authorities.

…dry-cleaning entrepreneurs:

In some places operating dry-cleaners with PER solvents is already prohibited (e.g. in supermarkets in Germany) or will be prohibited in the near future (e.g. California in 2020). As opposed to perchloroethylene SYSTEMK4 offers a long-term solution for the dry-cleaning business – and that with powerful cleaning effect and no compromises.

Since SYSTEMK4 is not a hazardous material, delivery is fast, uncomplicated and logistically unlimited. Capital commitment and extensive stock keeping are a thing of the past! With SYSTEMK4 costs and effort for intense training sessions are unnecessary. This reduces risks and improves your budget!

…employees in dry-cleaning businesses:

SYSTEMK4 ensures safe and easy working. The effort for spotting is greatly reduced.

…end customer:

SYSTEMK4 offers customer, who are reluctant to have expensive clothing dry-cleaned, a real alternative. Because unpleasant odors are a thing of the past. Textiles cleaned with SYSTEMK4 are absolutely odorless. An important aspect for persons who are very sensitive to odors.

One system – multiple advantages!