Special textiles

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The professional treatment of bed linen, stores, bridal dresses, leather textiles, tents, outdoor clothing, carpets or even contaminated textiles, e.g. after a fire, require special detergents and finishing agents. Our special products combine cleanliness with functionality and meet the high expectations on professional laundry care.

Bed service

More and more people are affected by allergies and incompatibilities. Allergy sufferers react hypersensitively to certain substances occurring in the environment, including e.g. the excreta of house dust mites who love the warm, moist environment of blankets and pillows and preferably subsist on human skin scales. Regular cleaning of the blankets and pillows would reduce the risk of allergies.

Bedding and blankets are usually made of high-quality materials that must be treated gently during the washing process. Most textile care operations have specialized in the thorough cleaning of such high-quality down- and feather-filled bedding with modern machines and procedures, e.g. by using wet cleaning systems.

Our detergents and washing auxiliaries ensure that stains and the sweat-induced salts are removed completely by the care in water. Down items and woolen blankets are soft and functional again after the treatment.
Due to the far too low drum volumes of household washing machines and driers, bedding should be cared by textile cleaners as they know how to professionally clean bedroom textiles. This ensures safety and protection for customers.  

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LANADOL products

Leather and fur

Leather and fur require special care consideration. The professional treatment of this textiles ensures the conservation of the garment and returns to leather goods all those characteristics that we value so much about them: It is soft, supple, flexible and has a full grip.

Professional textile care uses auxiliary agents for cleaning and care, always in combination with proper cleaning procedures, gentle drying and suitable finish, including ironing. When finished with professional proofing, leather is also water-repellent and breathable. Our special detergents protect the leather, remove the stains and therefeore preserve the quality of the clothing.

Recommended products:
LANADOL products
CLIP dry cleaning detergents, OLEODERM

Carpets and upholstery

Carpets and upholstery are subject to extreme stress. To ensure that the functional efficiency of such items is preserved over a long period of time, we offer a range of highly specialized shampooing agents, detergents and washing auxiliaries that make carpets, floor coverings and upholstered furniture perfectly clean and provide them with an additional antistatic finishing that protects them against repeated soiling.

Dirt trap mats
Dirt trap mats improve the cleanliness in buildings and are used by trades and crafts, in the food sector, in public buildings and in the industry. For the reliable and thorough removal of the typical dirts, we recommend DERVAL ENERGY. Independent of the fiber material, the special wash-power booster thoroughly removes any kind of road dirt as well as stubborn oil and grease deposits while protecting the colours and fibres as DERVAL ENERGY is also pH neutral; this is a particular benefit for valuable polyamide mats with logo prints. Washing in a neutral bath prevents the dissolution of the colour pigments that can overlay and therefore ruin an entire laundry load. This ensures that even classic mats made of polyamide continue to be attractive and visibly clean over a long period at the usual washing temperatures, and cotton mats also benefit from the advantages of the detergency enhancer because of the low washing temperatures and its excellent grease and dirt removal capabilities ensure that the natural fibres are gently cared.

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Carpets and upholstered furniture
The diligent and gentle care of carpets made of wool, silk or other natural fibres and upholstered furniture requires special washing procedures and care products. For the professional cleaning of permanently installed floor coverings, we offer the shampooing agent POLS. Applied with shampooing equipment, it provides a stable foam that is vacuumed up after having dried together with the loosened dirt. This is the most reliable way of removing dust and pigment dirt from the fibrous web while giving the carpet an additional antistatic effect and a pleasant, sympathetic smell as well as minimizing repeated soiling anytime and anywhere.

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Sensitive carpets
DERVAL AN cleans sensitive carpets made of silk or wool. The detergent that is suited for both continuous and discontinuous processes impresses with its many advantages. The excellent wetting force of DERVAL AN provides the product with an outstanding performance even with low mechanical action. The low-foaming formulation also ensures a high degree of operational safety and uniform effects. Care additives then give the treated carpet a pleasant grip and an antistatic effect. Neutral perfume oils ensure a discreet, fresh scent, while active colour protection prevents the colours of Berber carpets, Persian carpets etc. from bleeding and preserves their brilliance. This makes every used carpet look like new after it has been cleaned!

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Heavily stressed textiles

After damaging events, e.g. flooding or fire, the textiles are often heavily soiled so that the dirts or smells cannot be removed by a conventional cleaning process.

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