Laundry service

More time for the important things!

More time for family, hobbies and job is more important today than ever. Due to their comprehensive range of services, textile cleaners help their customers to find time for the important things. Terrycloth, bed linen and table linen are washed, dried and folded in a professional and careful way and companies use this service as well, e.g. for hotel, restaurant or nursing home laundry, cleaning resident laundry or washing work clothing.


Shirts, bed and table linen, textiles from nursing homes or work clothing – all these textiles require special care that textile cleaning ensures in a more ecological, more efficient and more time-consuming manner. Textile cleaners operate powerful machinery that is particularly energy-saving and thorough. Our detergents and auxiliary preparations are highly concentrated which makes them so efficient and powerful. Dermatological tests have shown the skin compatibility of our products.

Products and procedures

ESDOGEN system

This modular system is based on the highly effective and fiber-protecting universal laundry detergent ESDOGEN DETERGENT that removes general dirt. If required, three other modules with their individual special performance characteristics can be added. The enzyme power of ESDOGEN BOOSTER dissolves protein stains, oil and grease, ESDOGEN ALKAPLEX is effective against particularly stubborn dirt, e.g. on butchers’ clothing, and ESDOGEN DESINFECT, the bleaching and disinfecting agent according to VAH requirements, completes the whole. The ESDOGEN system is therefore perfectly suited for any type of laundry. Applied as individual components or in combination with other system components - the ESDOGEN system removes any dirt.

The liquid products that remove even extreme dirt completely complement one another similar to the components of a modular construction system. The ESDOGEN system uses only what is really needed as the laundry specifies the required quantities and components which depend on the degree of soiling and on the desired degree of hygiene. Components which are not required are not used so that ESDOGEN stands for perfect washing results at low cost.

The liquid washing system ESDOGEN is perfectly suited for fully automatic dosing, and the user-friendly ESDOGEN dosing system makes washing easier than ever!

Advantages at one view

  • Environmentally compatible washing due to the elimination of phosphates, chlorine, NTA, and zeolites.
  • Low-alkaline washing saves rinsing cycles and therefore water, prevents skin irritation and protects textiles and machines.
  • Safety: ESDOGEN DETERGENT and ESDOGEN BOOSTER are rated neither caustic (C) nor environmentally hazardous (N).
  • Simple and exact dosing due to low viscosity fluctuation in the event of temperature changes.
  • Excellent degree of whiteness already from 40 °C.
  • Disinfecting washing in chemothermal single-bath procedure at 40 °C in accordance with the guidelines of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (RKI listing applied).
  • Excellent results in dermatological/allergological tests (no allergenic or toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions).



TREBON PLUS is a superconcentrated heavy-duty detergent with disinfecting effect and particularly suited for operations with manual dosing. As compared with conventional detergents, the powder detergent TREBON PLUS stands out because of its multifunctional builder system based on sheet silicates.
Of course we also offer special products such as oxygen bleach and chlorine bleach. However, the bleach system formulated in TREBON PLUS is so powerful against stains that other special detergents are not required. TREBON PLUS removes the stains already from 40 °C while protecting the colours!

Advantages at one view

  • 1 kg TREBON PLUS cleans up to 100 kg laundry!
  • TREBON PLUS develops its washing effect already at 40°C and cleans in the weakly alkaline pH range that is safe for textiles and colours so that textile fibres and colours are protected!
  • TREBON PLUS also protects the washing machine by preventing all kinds of calcification and formation of residues on machine components!
  • TREBON PLUS is particularly environmentally friendly as it does not contain zeolithes, phosphates and NTA.
  • TREBON PLUS has been listed as chemothermal single-bath procedure at 60 °C by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Berlin (Type A/B) and by the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology.
  • TREBON PLUS disinfects from 40 °C according to DIN EN 1276 (bactericide), from 20°C according to DIN 1275 (fungicide) and from 40 °C according to DIN EN 14476 (virucide).

TREBON PLUS has passed all examinations with »special honours« due to its very low dosing quantities and very short reaction times.