Products and procedures

With continued development, we aim for a further significant improvement of the already high standard of wet cleaning using the LANADOL procedure.

The goal remains unchanged: Wet cleaning as the ecologically most appropriate textile cleaning procedure is to become the standard procedure for professional textile cleaning.

For more than 20 years, we have continued the further development of the LANADOL care products. The range of products for wet cleaning comprises the following:

LANADOL AVANT is a pre-brushing agent for the manual treatment of extreme dirts such as collar marks, general pigment dirt and the like. Cold-active enzymes and a surfactant formulation that has been optimized to the removal of fats ensure the perfect removal of food residues, skin fats and make-up stains.

The actual wet cleaning product is LANADOL AKTIV with a formulation that has been matched to the protection of fibers and colours and with mild surfactants for the gentle care of wool, silk and other sensitive textiles.

LANADOL APRET protects the fibers of the sensitive textiles during the drying process while facilitating the finishing process and giving outerwear a pleasant grip.

For wet cleaning leathers and furs, LANADOL LICKER is added to the finishing bath. This product provides wet cleaned leather with its original suppleness, the colours are rich and deep.  

The care in retirement homes often requires the disinfection of outerwear. The new RAL 992/4 Residents‘ Clothing, established by the Quality Association, describes on page 55 that most of the clothing does not withstand disinfecting bleaching procedures. Currently, there are no VAH- or RKI-listed 40°C disinfection procedures without perc-based bleaching agent. 

We have found a way to care and disinfect these sensitive textiles properly in accordance with RAL 992/4. The solution of this complex problem is a combination of the LANADOL wet cleaning procedure with disinfection of the clothing using LANADOL ABAC. LANADOL ABAC disinfects the textile during the rinsing cycle according to DIN EN standards 1650 (yeasticidal), DIN EN 1276 (bactericide) within 5 minutes at 20 °C and DIN EN 14476:2016 (virucide - Murines norovirus) within 5 minutes at 30 °C without application of peracid bleaches that damage fibers and colours.

The continued further development of the LANADOL wet cleaning products is a perfect example that even special demands such as disinfection of sensitive outerwear at 20 °C – 40 °C in accordance with RAL 992/4 can be successfully integrated into the concept of wet cleaning.