Pre-brushing was yesterday!

From the cashmere pullover to the duvet from the wedding gown to theatre costumes: Such sensitive textiles were supposed to be as “not washable” 25 years ago. The situation changed when Kreussler developed together with Miele the eco-friendly and at the same time highly effective LANADOL wet cleaning system. This was in 1991.

Because more and more garments became washable at lower temperatures, the wet cleaning process as well as the requirements for the products and the related processes changed. Over time, the LANADOL wet cleaning process and the cleaning agents were continuously improved. Significant improvements were achieved with the new surfactant formulas within LANADOL, which remove grease more easily during cold wash processes.


With the new special cleaning agent LANADOL X-PRESS it is now possible to abandon the time-consuming pre-brushing before wet cleaning. The preparation time for the garments will be reduced to a minimum. Because of eliminating pre-brushing the risk of application faults will be significantly lowered. The wet cleaning process will then be easier, safer and easier to explain. With LANADOL X-PRESS, wet cleaning together with drying and finishing will be done in less than one hour. This saves precious working time, cuts costs, leads to a higher productivity and leads to a quicker delivery to the customers.

 LANADOL X-PRESS, high-lighted at Texcare 2016 in Frankfurt/Germany, is the problem solver for the time-consuming pre-treatment within wet cleaning. Its outstanding dirt and stain removal force makes pre-spotting almost redundant. This is possible due to different innovative enzymes in combination with cold active surfactants regarding the removal of vegetable and animal fats, f.e. stains from sauces. An innovative colour protection as well as a fibre smoothing system lead to brilliant colours and save the original colours on the garments. In addition to this the cleaned garments have a fresh fragrant.

Like all the other products from the LANADOL range LANADOL X-PRESS is especially eco-friendly and free of phosphates, optical brighteners, EDTA, NTA and musk scents. It meets the requirements for detergents and cleaning agents according to the Blue Angel Award regulations for wet cleaning.

Kreussler, the specialist in wet cleaning, offers within its complete range a variety of customized solutions in wet cleaning starting with not-washable modern outerwear out of sensible fibres, from leather wear to waterproofing and disinfection of clothing from residents in retirement homes and nursing homes at 20°C.