Textile cleaners

The demand on textile cleaners is high!

Customers expect their high-quality clothes to be perfectly cleaned as inexpensively as possible and with minimum impact on the environment.

We offer textile cleaners dry cleaning detergents, prespotting and spotting agents, impregnating and finishing agents, leather auxiliary agents as well as products for wet cleaning and for laundry service. These are high-quality products that ensure the best possible cleaning and care of the textiles.

As a matter of principle, we use the best technology available on the market, and we were the first who used new technologies like wet cleaning, CO2 cleaning and D5 (Greenearth) in Denmark. We have, however, missed a technology that could give the cleaning effect we had from earlier days when we used perc. With SYSTEMK4, we have found a solution that will secure the future of our company. Good cleaning effect, low energy consumption and peace of mind.

Michael Porsmose (Managing Director), KYMI RENS, Denmark