Work clothing

Cleanliness and protection for a professional appearance!

Catering, hospitals, industry or trade – each work is subject to job-related soiling against which work clothing protects. Protection, functionality, durability, breathability and low maintenance must be ensured. This places special demands on the reprocessing. Our specialized washing detergents and auxiliaries ensure refined cleanliness and protection for a professional appearance at any time.


Trade and industrial applications use a wide range of auxiliaries. Oil, grease and lubricant, metal debris, rust or graphite deposit on the work clothing and cause a minor to heavy soiling of such clothing.

White work clothing is the visual equivalent of hygiene but the typical stains such as spices and marinades, blood and egg yolk, frying fat or sauces soil the textiles and leave visible spots.

However, work clothing not only offers protection or is functional for certain activities, it has far more to offer! Modern work clothing represents corporate identity as well as image and gives a clear public signal for professional competence and quality.

»Hard« washing procedures as usually required by the soiling conflict with the conservation of the clothing’s value. Therefore, we need gentle washing procedures that are still highly effective. Our special washing procedures combine cleanliness with perfect purity. RKI-listed procedures furthermore ensure a maximum degree of hygiene.

White and blue work clothing

DERVAL POWER and the wash-power boosters DERVAL ENERGY, DERVAL PROTECT and DERVAL BRIGHT exactly meet the different requirements for removing mineral oil-based fats and native fats. This ensures optimal conditions for each batch when treating work clothing. In combination with OTTALIN PA CONC, the requirements for a listing in the RKI list for Type A and B are met at 60 °C and a reaction time of 10 minutes. Dosage is 1.2 g/l DERVAL POWER in combination with 0.8 ml/l OTTALIN PA CONC.

Blue work clothing

DERVAL ENERGY has been optimized consistently for removing oil, fat and pigments from textiles. The wash-power booster is particularly favorable for all kinds of work clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and mats. The DERVAL ENERGY procedure combines cost minimization with washing power and conservation of the textiles‘ value.

DERVAL PROTECT is our new wash-power booster for particularly sensitive functional clothing. Optimized for 50 °C, the new surfactant formulation distinctly supports the dirt-repelling effect. 

White work clothing

The wash-power booster DERVAL BRIGHT is particularly suited for white work clothing within the food sector and allows the reliable removal of native oils and fats even at 60 °C. A specific optical brightener system ensures excellent degrees of whiteness on cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics.