Application technology

No off-the-shelf solution!

Professional products without a master plan do not bring the expected success. We know what really matters! Analysis and consulting, concept development, implementation and documentation, quality control and performance optimization - 4 steps toward your success and toward the satisfaction of our customers.

Step 1: On-site analysis

We proceed methodically. First, our trained and experienced application engineers carefully examine the complete laundry cycle jointly with you: The detailed recording with regard to premises, machine equipment, types of laundry, water hardness, typical staining, hygienic requirements and qualification of the staff are an essential must for assessing the current situation.

Step 2: Concept creation

Jointly with you, we develop a concept that ensures optimal performance and safety for your company. The products and procedures used are perfectly customized for your laundry and your needs – the efficient and safe way.

Selection of the suitable dosing technology, energy and water concept, creation of washing programmes, assessment of the costs for water, energy and detergents for the different washing programmes, training of your employees and schedules for hygiene, regular service and appointments round off our integrated concept.

Step 3: Implementation and documentation

After we have installed and programmed the technical equipment, the washing procedures are adjusted according to the types of laundry and the degree of soiling.  

Finally, there is a practical introduction and training for your employees and, if required, a discussion of the documented hygiene concept.

Step 4: Quality control and performance optimization

The set-up procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure the procedural safety and to achieve optimal results. During the on-site-services, the washing process parameters are reviewed and optimized. As all changes are documented, they are traceable and up to date at all times. The use and evaluation of standardized test strips ensure the examination of the procedure with regard to safety and quality.

Our service technicians are always present when they are needed – a quick, simple and competent solution. Depending on the size of the laundry and the types of textiles, our application engineers prepare a regular service schedule for you to ensure smooth operation.

Your benefits

  • Optimized washing procedures with regard to costs, quality and operational safety.
  • Computer- aided dosing technology with advanced, effective technology and attractive financing options.
  • On-site training on washing and hygiene, seminars and advanced training options.
  • Comprehensive solutions for all types of textiles and clothing.
  • Highest demands on hygiene and cleanliness for all types of laundry and therefore improvement of the competitiveness.
  • Conservation of the laundry’s value.
  • Competent and user-oriented consulting and on-site service.
  • High degree of operational safety with minimal personnel requirements.
  • Short training periods in the case of personnel turnover.
  • High degree of safety due to compliance with legal standards and regulations: Hygiene listings and certificates, EU standards and dermatological reports.