In laundries, the demand on hygiene, quality, safety and cost reduction is steadily increasing. Jointly with you, we develop a concept that ensures optimal performance and safety for your company. The products and procedures used are perfectly customized for your company and your needs in an efficient and safe way. This ensures savings in product, water and energy consumption.

ENERGY procedure

The DERVAL ENERGY procedure is our response to heavily soiled work clothing, increasing energy prices and increasing operating costs in laundries – because time is money! In commercial laundries, the time factor decides on the cleanliness of the textiles, the company’s capacity and the costs for the care of the textiles. Therefore, quick washing cycles at optimal cleaning quality is not only an economic factor for a laundry but particularly an advantage in competition. 

The DERVAL ENERGY procedure combines cost minimization with care quality and laundry durability. The washing process is effective and efficient even in the temperature range between 40 and 60 °C. Visible cleanliness and conservation of the protective functions of the textiles are ensured at all times, and a complete washing bath can be omitted.

Extensive practical testing with thewash-power booster DERVAL ENERGY has shown that pre-washing is no longer required, even for heavily soiled work clothing! This has decidedly positive effects for the balance of a washing procedure!

Savings of energy (50 %), water (30 %) and time (20 %) as well as full machine workload due to elimination of cool-down (for mixed fibres) are advantages that confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of the ENERGY procedure.

ESDOGEN procedure

The ESDOGEN liquid washing system has been developed for the requirements of institutional textile care in hotels, guest houses, nursing homes and industry sectors where washer extractors are used.

The basis of this modular system is the gentle heavy-duty detergent ESDOGEN DETERGENT that removes general dirts. If required, three other modules with their individual special performance characteristics can be added. The enzyme power of ESDOGEN BOOSTER dissolves protein stains, oil and grease, ESDOGEN ALKAPLEX is effective against particularly stubborn dirts and ESDOGEN DESINFECT ensures hygienic cleanliness whenever laundry disinfection is required. Therefore, the modular ESDOGEN system allows the perfectly hygienic and economical care of the most different kinds of laundry as it is particularly fabric-conserving, preserves the value of the textiles and ensures long-lasting prettiness of the clothing.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • Low dosing quantities.
  • Suited for all water hardnesses (even for extremely hard water).
  • Suited for all types of washing machines (in accordance with the procedural requirements).
  • Nearly pH neutral washing.
  • Environment-friendly washing due to elimination of phosphate, chlorine, NTA and zeolites.
  • Low alkaline washing saves rinsing cycles and therefore water, prevents irritation of the skin and protects textiles as well as machines.
  • Excellent whiteness already from 40 °C.
  • Excellent results in dermatological/allergological tests (no allergic or toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions).
  • High procedural safety due to automatic dosing.

Disinfecting procedures

In the event of an officially decreed epidemic case, laundry disinfection is mandatory and required by law in accordance with §18 of the German Infection Protection Act (IfSG) A (bacteria) and B (viruses). In this case, the laundry must be treated with a disinfecant and using a disinfection procedure that have been tested and approved by the Robert Koch Institute.

Otherwise, leased laundry as well as laundry from hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes is suspected to be infected. This type of laundry is usually washed according to the procedures listed by the VAH or RKI. In this case, the compliance with these listing specifications serves exclusively the purpose of prophylaxis; there are no legally founded regulations.

For the sale in foreign European countries, the detergents or disinfecting washing procedures must meet European standards: DIN EN 1276 (bactericide), DIN EN 1275 (fungicide) and DIN EN 14476 (virucide).

We offer you products and procedures that are listed by the RKI and VAH as well as comply with the European DIN standards. Due to the very low dosing quantities and short reaction times, our disinfection procedures are particularly tissue-conserving and economical.

LANADOL ABAC procedure

Wet cleaning with LANADOL allows the gentle and still effective disinfection of sensitive textiles even at 30 °C. LANADOL ABAC complies with the requirements of RAL 992/4 for resident laundry and disinfects textiles in the rinsing process according to the EN standards 1275 (yeast, fungi), 1276 (bacteria) and 14476 (rotavirus/vaccine virus) within 5 minutes without using peracid bleach that damages fibers and colours.

LANADOL ABAC is also suited for the disinfection of protective clothing and respirator masks and can also be used as rinsing zone disinfectant in washing lines. LANADOL ABAC is hard water-resistant and provides textiles with antistatic properties and a slight finishing effect.

Listings / Certificates
RAL 992/4
DIN EN 1276 20 °C 5 ml/l, 1 minute reaction time
DIN EN 1275 20 °C 2.5 ml/l, 5 minutes reaction time
DIN EN 1040 20 °C 0.125 ml/l, minutes reaction time
DIN EN 14476 20 °C 10 g/l, 5 minutes reaction time (DVV/RKI vaccine virus/rotavirus)

ESDOGEN procedure

Common chemothermal disinfection is performed as from 60°C. The disinfection of wool, silk, applications or other sensitive textiles would damage the sensitive fibers at 60 °C and make them unattractive. The VAH-listed ESDOGEN disinfection procedure is the perfect solution for such sensitive textiles and prevents damage to the fibers while saving energy and water costs as well as protecting the environment.

Listings / Certificates
RKI (type A, B) 40 °C 4 ml/l ESDOGEN DETERGENT, 6 ml/l ESDOGEN DESINFECT, 20 minutes reaction time (submitted)


DERVAL RENT is a liquid coloured detergent with neither optical brighteners nor bleach that is suitable for textiles made of cotton and mixed fabrics. In combination with OTTALIN PERACET an activated concentrate for oxygen bleach and laundry disinfection, this chemothermal procedure is the perfect choice for gentle bleaching and laundry disinfection.

DERVAL RENT offers excellent results, independent of the water hardness, and develops its full washing power already at 40 °C. Due to its low alkalinity, DERVAL RENT is particularly gentle on the textiles.

Listings / Certificates
VAH 60  °C each 2 ml/l, 10 minutes reaction time


DERVAL SOLO is a liquid concentrated pure detergent for white and coloured laundry made of cotton and mixed fabrics. In combination with OTTALIN PERACET, this chemothermal procedure is the perfect choice for gentle bleaching and laundry disinfection. Ottalin Peracet acts with active oxygen and is quickly and completely degradable.

DERVAL SOLO develops its full potential already in the temperature range between 40 °C and 60 °C. It is particularly gentle on the textiles due to its low alkalinity. DERVAL SOLO is suitable for both soft and hard water.

Listings / Certificates
RKI (type A, B) 60 °C each 2ml/l, 10 minutes reaction time
VAH 60 °C each 2 ml/l, 10 minutes reaction time
DIN EN 1276 20 °C each 2 ml/l, 15 minutes reaction time
DIN EN 1275 20 °C 2.5 ml/l DERVAL SOLO, 2 ml/l OTTALIN PERACET, 5 minutes reaction time

TREBON PLUS procedure

TREBON PLUS is a superconcentrated heavy-duty detergent with disinfecting effect for manual dosing and therefore also perfectly suited for smaller facilities. Compared to conventional detergents, it has a unique market position due to its multifunctional builder system based on sheet silicates.

The low dosing quantities make the powder detergent particularly economical, and it cleans thoroughly in soft and hard water. TREBON PLUS develops its washing power at 40 °C and washes in the slightly alkaline pH range that conserves the textiles and colours.

The bleaching system formulated in TREBON PLUS is so broadly effective and powerful against stains that no other special detergents are required.

Listings / Certificates:
RKI (Type A, B) 60°C 4g/l, 20 minutes reaction time
DIN EN 1275 40°C <br>40°C 2,5g/l, 5 minutes reaction time (Candida albicans)<br> 2,5g/l, 10 minutes reaction time (Aspergillus Niger)
DIN EN 1276 40°C<br> 60°C 5g/l, 20 minutes reaction time<br>1g/l, 5 minutes reaction time


TREBON SI, the highly concentrated pure detergent for washing extremely dirty textiles made of cotton and mixed fibres, is highly effective already at low temperatures. The product excels in constant bleach activation due to intensive pH buffering and low caustic alkalinity.

TREBON SI is capable of simultaneously complexing water hardness and heavy metal ions, stabilizes the pH throughout a wide range of concentrations and ensures washing alkalinity.

The unique surfactant/polymer combination used in TREBON SI ensures excellent removal of pigments and fat. A high degree of whiteness and extended durability of the textiles due to a considerably lower loss of breakout forces as compared to conventional pure detergents is ensured by the use of TREBON SI.

In connection with the bleaching and disinfecting agent OTTALIN PERACET, the laundry can be disinfected chemothermally.

Listings / Certificates:
RKI (Type A, B) 60°C 2 g/l TREBON Si, 2 ml/l OTTALIN PERACET, 10 minutes reaction time


TREBON BASIS is a phosphate-free basic detergent for washing laundry made of cotton and mixed fabrics. In combination with OTTALIN PERACET, this chemothermal procedure is perfectly suited for the fiber-conserving bleaching and laundry disinfection.

Listings / Certificates
VAH 60&nbsp; °C 2 g/l TREBON BASIS, 2 ml/l OTTALIN PERACET, 10 minutes reaction time
RKI (TYP A) 65&nbsp; °C 2 g/l TREBON BASIS, 2 ml/l OTTALIN PERACET, 12 minutes reaction time