Nursing homes and retirement homes

Well cared for with a concept!

An on-premise laundry is a serious responsibility! In inpatient facilities, hygiene is of particular importance. Legal requirements regarding personnel hygiene, professional preparation of rooms, areas and laundry are very complex issues, and the compliance with these requirements demands a high degree of know-how. The increasing prices for energy and water are up against the relatively small budgets for hygienic cleanliness.

Nursing facilities are faced every day with large laundry loads composed of different items and materials. The residents’ laundry alone, a varied mixture of underwear, shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts and woolware, accounts for about half of the amount. In addition, bedding, terry articles, table linen and work clothing as well as heavily soiled laundry from the kitchen and from the care environment, e.g. incontinence products or microbially polluted laundry, arrive in the laundry room every day and need to be treated accordingly.

Each laundry load requires special washing programmes that must comply with the materials, the degree of soiling, the types of dirt and the legal hygiene requirements (RKI – §18 IfSG, VAH) because a perfectly clean laundry with a neutral odour is the basis of the hygiene required in the nursing sector.

However, the efficient use of machines and resources and well-trained personnel are important issues in retirement and nursing homes that are not to be underestimated.

Hygiene PLUS 1: Consulting and service

We proceed methodically. First, our trained and experienced application engineers carefully examine the complete laundry cycle jointly with you: The detailed recording with regard to premises, machine equipment, types of laundry, water hardness, typical staining, hygienic requirements and qualification of the staff are an essential must for assessing the current situation.

With this knowledge, we evaluate the gathered information in the next step and prepare your optimal hygiene concept based on the legal requirements and our know-how which is followed by the implementation stage. Dosing technology is installed, and the washing programmes are programmed and tested. The process concludes with the practical introduction and training of your employees as well as the discussion of the hygiene concept.

Our technicians will visit you at regular intervals and perform their quality control and performance optimization work according to defined checklists. Deviations from the previously defined standards are documented and the corrective measures are taken after a joint review.

Hygiene PLUS 2: Professional detergents and washing procedures

Anyone who cares other people’s laundry needs technical skills because outerwear must not be treated like bedding and work clothing must not be treated like incontinence products. To ensure the correct care for each type of laundry, our experts have developed special products and procedures that make the laundry perfectly clean and hygienic while fibre-protecting substances conserve its long-lasting prettiness and satisfaction.

The ESDOGEN system is an excellent washing system for washable outerwear, e.g. jackets, sweaters or shirts, personnel work clothing, bedding and table linen as well as incontinence laundry. The liquid products that remove even extreme dirt without residues complement one another like a construction kit.

We have designed the LANADOL wet cleaning system so that even sensitive textiles with the care symbols P and F can be cared in water, and even hand laundry or textiles that bear the care label W can be washed with LANADOL without any problems. The LANADOL procedure offers excellent cleaning effects while improving the safety of sensitive materials (wool, silk, cashmere, acetate) and sophisticated textiles (jackets, blazers, costumes).

TREBON PLUS is our concentrated detergent with disinfecting effect for white and coloured textiles with manual dosing. TREBON PLUS has been listed as a chemothermal single-bath procedure at 60 °C by the Robert Koch Institute (Type A / B), Berlin and by the VAH.

Three hygiene specialists – one contact person: It is our daily mission to be the best in the fields of textile care and hygiene but we are also experienced in other areas, e.g. when it comes to preparing a comprehensive hygiene plan for your company that includes the disinfection of hands, surfaces, machines and equipment. For these areas, we are distributors for the product range of the well-known company Merz Consumer Care GmbH in Frankfurt.

When fresh cleanliness from the kitchen to the hallways is required, we rely on our partner Remsgold Chemie GmbH & Co. in Winterbach who are highly experienced in small and large kitchens, and we will gladly establish contacts with the expert advisers of Remsgold.

It is our common goal to help you with a comprehensive range of services FROM ONE SOURCE.

Hygiene PLUS 3: Training and professional development

For you hygiene responsibility means that you always have to be up to date. Therefore, we as hygiene system providers will be pleased to support you in this demanding task. With a comprehensive range of training courses, our qualified expert personnel provides you with the appropriate training for any demand.

Hygiene PLUS 4: Legal requirements

The care trade is subject to regular hygiene inspections that can be facilitated with supplier certificates that guarantee the compliance with hygiene requirements. For this purpose, our application technology service documents the washing procedures and the correct dosing in accordance with the specifications for a listing according to RKI, VAH or EU standards.