Hotels and restaurants

Textile care in the hotel and catering trade is not a minor thing!

Bed and table linen, terrycloth, kitchen towels, clothing for cooks or for kitchen, service and hotel personnel – each type of fabric has its own particularities and requires special treatment. Also, the laundry that is held ready represents a substantial asset. Washing procedures that combine hygiene and cleanliness with material protection offer a double benefit: Customer satisfaction and conservation of the laundry’s value.


In hotels, restaurants, canteens and catering operations, the demand on hygiene, quality, safety and cost reduction is steadily increasing. Today’s hotel and restaurant guests expect a harmonious ambience and an appealing overall concept. They also have high expectations on the textiles that they are surrounded by and wish a clean, inviting bathroom as well as well-cared, functional terry towelling. The restaurant should have stylish table linen and immaculate serviettes.

These requirements are fully met by our detergents and procedures that have been customized for this business. They ensure the reliable removal of dirt from the textiles used in the different areas of the hospitality industry, including heavily stained kitchen linen. Frying fat, oil and sauce stains, albumin and red wine, lipstick, make-up and even shoe polish are washed out of cotton and mixed fibers without any residues while the material is protected. In the rinsing bath, our finishing agents give the final touch.

ESDOGEN - The liquid washing system

All aspects, e.g. hygiene, cleanliness, value preservation and easy handling, are ideally combined in the ESDOGEN system. The logical, systematic design and the interaction of the individual components ensure that excellent washing results are achieved in an economic way. Depending on type of dirt, temperature and kind of textiles, the individual modules of the ESDOGEN system can be freely combined.