Fire services / Rescue services

Conservation of the protective functions is a MUST!

Personal protection equipment (PPE) provides particular functions that protect its bearers from the dangers they are exposed to while pursuing their profession and that must not be impaired and need to be reestablished during reconditioning. Our special products conserve and ensure this protective effect.


One of the major tasks of a laundry is to make sure that the protective clothing continues to possess these protective functions after it has been returned to the customer. To meet these important requirements, the laundry operator must know the demands on the protective functions of the PPE, know the typical risks for the protective clothing during usage and reconditioning and have control over the washing and reconditioning procedures required for reestablishing the protective functions.

We offer special products and procedures that ensure optimum conservation of the material and of the protective functions to remove any dirt typically encountered in the individual professions. The water- and chemical-repelling characteristics result from post-finishing.

Advantages that our products offer for the reconditioning of personal protective equipment (PPE):

  • Effective and economic reconditioning of the PPE.
  • Reliable removal of all dirts.
  • Conservation and reestablishment of the protective functions.
  • Increase of service life.
  • Only few products required.
  • Minimization of the application quantities due to optimized procedures.
  • Reliable service.
  • Regular service calls by Kreussler application engineers.
  • Continual checking and adjustment of the procedure parameters.

Fire services

With the introduction of the new protective clothing for firemen made of aramid fibres (HuPF), precise care instructions must be followed to preserve the protective functions and the usability of such clothing. This protective clothing has been designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Moisture protection against rain and extinguishing water.
  • Heat protection against flames and flying sparks.
  • Protection against cold.
  • Protection against chemicals.
  • Good perceptibility at all times (day and night).

The protective clothing must comply with DIN EN 11612:2009 Protective clothing – Clothing to protect against against heat and flame –, DIN EN 340:2004 Protective clothing – General requirements and the manufacturing and inspection description for a universal protective clothing for firemen.

Rescue services

Rescue service clothing must meet several criteria that are specified in GUV 2106 and BG-R 500:

  • Recognition, identification, and good perceptibility (signalling stripes) at the place of action (road traffic).
  • Wear characteristics, e.g. weather protection, water vapour permeability (sweat).
  • Construction and manufacture.