Christoph Richter new Managing Director of Kreussler Textile Care from January 1, 2024


Christoph Richter has beend appointed new Managing Director of German Kreussler Textile Care since the beginning of the year. He will manage the division together with Dr Helmut Eigen up to and including June of this year; Dr Eigen will retire from the Management Board on July 1, 2024, but will continue to be available to the company.

The Kreussler Management Board from January 1, 2024: Dr Helmut Eigen, Christoph Richter, Dr Stephan Travers (from left)Zoom Image
The Kreussler Management Board from January 1, 2024: Dr Helmut Eigen, Christoph Richter, Dr Stephan Travers (from left)

With the appointment of Christoph Richter as Managing Director of the Textile Care division, an ideal solution was found to succeed the current Managing Director Dr Helmut Eigen, as Mr Richter had already worked for Kreussler Textile Care from 2008 to 2015. His time at Kreussler in the areas of business development and as Head of Sales forms the perfect basis for his "re-entry" into the family business. "I am very much looking forward to further sharpening the strategic focus of the textile care division at Kreussler and to systematically expanding the good market position both nationally and internationally," explains Richter. "Thanks to my many years of experience in the company, I already know Kreussler's strengths very well. Over the past eight years at Electrolux Professional, I have gained valuable experience as Director Business Development for the global laundry sector, among other things, which I can put to good use in my new position as Managing Director."

With the appointment of Christoph Richter, a triumvirate consisting of him, Dr Helmut Eigen and Dr Stephan Travers, the great-grandson of the company founder and Managing Director of Kreussler's pharmaceutical division, will manage the company for the first six months of 2024. "We are very happy to have won Mr Richter for us," says Dr Travers. "A return to a company is always a very positive statement about the corporate culture and, in this case, the ideal basis for a successful business handover." The successor is also the best choice for Dr Helmut Eigen: "Knowing that the management of the Textile Care division is in good hands, I can focus specifically on the area of advanced production development and automation from the middle of the year."

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