EasyWash: The tool box for cleaning textiles gently and hygienically


Small package – big impact: With the Kreussler EasyWash system available in user-friendly 4 litre bottles and 5 kg tubs, washed fabrics are left clean and fresh even at low temperatures. EasyWash ensures hygienic cleanliness, the greatest possible fibre protection and pleasant scented clothing with a soft feel: Whether in doctors' surgeries, old people's homes, fire departments, kindergartens, hotels, hospitals, textile cleaners with a laundry area or on smaller yachts without professional dosing technology.

EasyWash: Small package – big impact!Zoom Image
EasyWash: Small package – big impact!

The ideal combination of a super concentrated heavy-duty detergent with hygienic effect for white and colour-fast laundry, two special cleaning agents for sensitive and coloured textiles, a fabric softener concentrate with long-lasting fragrance capsules and a powerful odour absorber makes short work of the toughest dirt and the most intense smells.The products are cost-effective, gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. All products have been dermatologically tested with the result "very good".

Product overview:

  • Lanadol X-PRESS: High-performance special cleaning agent for less sensitive textiles/coloured fabrics
  • Lanadol AKTIV: Special cleaning and fibre protection agent for highly sensitive textiles like wool and silk
  • OTTALIN SOFT intense: Fabric softener concentrate with long-lasting, thermostable fresh fragrance
  • OTTALIN ODX: Odour absorber to eliminate unpleasant smells from laundry
  • TREBON PLUS: Super concentrated heavy-duty detergent with hygienic effect for white and colour-fast textiles

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