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Kreussler FAQ on the topic "Flash point of SENSENE solvent"

Safechem, the manufacturer of the solvent "SENSENE", sent a product warning regarding the flash point of the solvent to business partners and customers on 8 March 2024. According to the manufacturer, the flash point is not 65 °C as stated in the safety data sheet, but can be up to 58 °C according to the latest test results. With a flash point between 55 °C and 60 °C, a solvent becomes a category 3 hazardous material under transport law. A flash point of 60 °C and below also means that the textile cleaning machine is no longer being used as intended. For this reason, manufacturers of dry cleaning machines such as Böwe and Multimatic have stopped supporting the use of SENSENE and recommend that users carry out a flash point test in accordance with DIN ISO 2719 as soon as possible. Associations such as DTV, FATEX and EFIT (Germany) as well as the FFPB (France) have also published recommendations to carry out flash point measurements immediately and to switch off the cleaning machines immediately at values of 60 °C or below or lower than those specified on the rating plate.



Christoph Richter new Managing Director of Kreussler Textile Care from January 1, 2024

Christoph Richter has beend appointed new Managing Director of German Kreussler Textile Care since the beginning of the year. He will manage the division together with Dr Helmut Eigen up to and including June of this year; Dr Eigen will retire from the Management Board on July 1, 2024, but will continue to be available to the company.



With the EU Ecolabel: OptiCare 50° GREEN for industrial laundries

Maximum performance alongside unrivalled environmental protection : The new modular system OptiCare 50° GREEN with the EU Ecolabel from Kreussler Textile Care proves that this combination can also be implemented in industrial laundries. The OptiCare 50° GREEN modular system, which has been awarded the coveted EU Ecolabel, ensures hygienically clean laundry in a highly efficient manner, true to the motto "Performance fuelled by nature", while protecting textile fibers as well as the environment. At the optimum temperature of 50 °C, even the heaviest soiling, oils, and greases are removed swiftly and safely. OptiCare 50° GREEN is ideal for hotel and restaurant laundry as well as workwear of all kinds and can also be used on coloured textiles thanks to the optional brightener.



New EASY S dosing system for Alfredton Laundry in Ballarat

Alfredton Laundry in Australian Ballarat is a full-service commercial laundry providing pick up, wash, dry, press, fold and delivery back to the client, all in an efficient and prompt timeframe. Located in the heart of Alfredton, the flourishing boutique commercial laundry combines Kreussler textile care products with an EASY S dosing system to maximise efficiency while saving on resources. “As we are offering a multitude of services for a broad range of customers, we need not just powerful detergents and such, but a sturdy, low maintenance dosing system to make sure these are used in exactly the right amounts to combine dirt removal with optimal textile protection”, says Greg Serno, joint owner with his wife Rebecca.



Tons of visitors in Milan: Successful EXPODetergo for Kreussler

The Kreussler team could not complain about boredom: the stand C20 D19 in pavilion 3 at the Milan EXPODetergo was very well attended on all days of the fair. Numerous customers, partners and visitors took the opportunity to get "live" information on the new products OptiCare 50° GREEN and OTTALIN OptiBleach; but also the benchmark solutions such as the original wet cleaning Lanadol invented by Kreussler and the patented SYSTEMK4 as the most sustainable textile cleaning solutions were in great demand.



Lots of interest to meet the inventors of wet cleaning and SYSTEMK4: Kreussler joins UK distributor CleanSupply at CleanEx in Ascot

From 24th to 25th April, CleanEx exhibition was held at famous Ascot Racecourse near London. Kreussler was happy to join the booth of UK exclusive sales partner CleanSupply for two days of networking, answering hundreds of questions about the benefits of wet cleaning as well as of SYSTEMK4, the sustainable alternative for dry cleaners preferring a classic solvent.



Cinta Sept: BEST NEW PRODUCT at LADAs 2021!

We are very proud to announce that Cinta Sept has won the award BEST NEW PRODUCT at LADAs 2021! The renowned Laundry and Dry Cleaning Awards 2021 were held at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey on the fourth of November. The black tie event had more than 270 guests, entertained with music, magic and enjoying the award ceremony. As one of the fourteen winners, Kreussler's Ben Perkin happily accepted the BEST NEW PRODUCT award from Paul Haden, CEO of sponsor Laundry Engineering Services LES.



New dosing systems for Tai Pan Laundry in Hong Kong save costs and support sustainability goals

Tai Pan Laundry, provider of finest laundry solutions in Hong Kong, took a step further on the path of sustainability and performance by installing custom made dosing technology by Kreussler Textile Care. The laundry is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited, where almost 200 experienced staff provide a daily output of 30 tons of high quality laundry and dry cleaning services to The Peninsula Hong Kong, one of the most famous and prestigious hotels in Hong Kong, as well as other five-star hotels, prestigious private clubs and other corporate customers.



Cinta Sept against enveloped viruses, bacteria and yeasts – finally a disinfection in dry cleaning

Kreussler Textile Care launches the disinfecting solvent additive Cinta Sept to fight bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants. Cinta Sept is easily usable in the leading solvents in distilling cleaning machines: SOLVONK4, perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons, intense® and SENSENE™. It shows proven limited virucidal activity, meaning that it deactivates enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants if properly used.



EasyWash: The tool box for cleaning textiles gently and hygienically

Small package – big impact: With the Kreussler EasyWash system available in user-friendly 4 litre bottles and 5 kg tubs, washed fabrics are left clean and fresh even at low temperatures. EasyWash ensures hygienic cleanliness, the greatest possible fibre protection and pleasant scented clothing with a soft feel: Whether in doctors' surgeries, old people's homes, fire departments, kindergartens, hotels, hospitals, textile cleaners with a laundry area or on smaller yachts without professional dosing technology.


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