The Kreussler EASY family: Tailor-made dosing systems made in Germany


Wiesbaden, January 2019 – The family-owned Kreussler company based in Wiesbaden, Germany not only offers professional laundries of all sizes a comprehensive portfolio of highly efficient detergents, but also the matching dosing systems. From a single washer extractor to washer extractor series up to continuous batch washers, the EASY dosing systems meet the needs of smaller OPL companies as well as those of textile cleaning units with integrated laundry services and industrial laundries.

The EASY T for continuous batch washersZoom Image
The EASY T for continuous batch washers

Three variants to fulfil any need
The EASY dosing systems are available in the variants EASY S, EASY and – brand new – EASY T. The EASY S is ideal for small to medium-sized laundries, OPL operations and textile cleaning units with laundry service. Up to five 50 kg washer extractors are precisely supplied with up to 12 products via one pump. Thanks to wall mounting, the compact EASY S requires only little space.

Using two pumps, the EASY distributes up to twelve products to up to ten washer extractors with a capacity of up to 200 kg. Thanks to the turbopump function and external flushing it is particularly suitable for larger applications such as industrial laundries and textile cleaners with a larger laundry service. If the laundry grows, the EASY grows with it: new washer extractors can be integrated easily.

The T for Tunnel makes clear what the EASY T is used for: it ensures the exact dosage of up to twelve products in a continuous batch washer. In addition to three high performance pumps, a fourth pump is used for high-volume dosing such as starch or finish. Up to 99 freely programmable washing programs leave nothing to be desired.

Tailor-made construction, individually fitted
The Kreussler dosing systems are developed and built by in-house computer experts, technicians, electricians and mechatronics at the headquarters in Wiesbaden. During production, the systems are individually adapted to the operating conditions and the size of the target operation in order to ensure an optimal dosage of liquid and powder products. Acquisition and visualisation of production data can also be customised and expanded if required. State-of-the-art database technology ensures process transparency and identifies previously unrecognised optimisation potential.

Exact fulfillment of individual requirements = happy customers
All three EASY models are successfully distributed internationally. The new EASY T model is used, for example, by Busch Textile Service, a medium-sized German company with 200 employees: "When deciding on a new continuous batch washer, the expertise of our contact at Kreussler helped a lot. We have worked with Andreas Daur for ten years now, and he knows our requirements exactly" says René Dauer, Managing Director of the family-owned company founded in 1954. "The EASY T guarantees a cost-optimised as well as resource-optimised detergent supply, and shows great reliability – an absolute must with our high load volume. If we need adjustments or additional programs, Kreussler implements them immediately, either in person on site or by remote maintenance. This individual support with a high level of expertise combined with the strong cleaning power and high efficiency of the detergents and the sophisticated, tailor-made technology of the dosing system make Kreussler the ideal partner."

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