Cooperations & partnerships

It is our daily mission to be the best in the fields of textile care and hygiene but we are also experienced in other areas. We create greater value for customers with a complementary range of products and services and therefore offer complete solutions from one source – this is the prime goal of our cooperation with different partner operations.

In the field of laundry disinfection and for the development of disinfecting detergents, we can benefit from the knowledge and experience of our pharmaceutical division. Our joint competence in textile chemistry and pharmacy in combination with the microbiological and medical know-how is unique.

Our cooperation partners


Jointly with Miele, we developed the LANADOL wet cleaning procedure more than 25 years ago.

When it comes to establishing a comprehensive hygiene schedule for your company or your facility that also includes the disinfection of hands, surfaces and machinery, we cooperate with the well-kown Schülke & Mayr GmbH in Norderstedt.

When fresh cleanliness from the kitchen to the floors is required, we rely on our partner Remsgold Chemie in Winterbach.

By cooperating with UHS, we can offer our customers compehensive solutions for saving energy in laundry operations.

The practical test with VILEDA showed that disinfection and long service life of mop covers are not in contradiction with our products and washing procedures.

Research projects

Our active participation in research projects confirms our orientation towards the future and the environment (e.g. EU project SMILES – Development and Implementation of Sustainable Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and to Ensure Water and Energy Savings, Particularly in Industrial Laundries).


Completed research projects in recent years:

BMBF cooperative project  0339911 – 0339914
Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Surfactants for Cleaning Textiles in Compressed Carbon Dioxide 5/2000 – 4 / 2004“

EU project  - ACCEPT 222051; EU 7th Frame Work Programme
“Advanced CO2 Cleaning as an ecological process technology “

EU project SMILES 217809-2;  EU 7th Frame Work Programme
“Sustainable measures for industrial laundry expansion strategies: Smart laundry 2015”

Future research projects from 2013:


In former years, Kreussler had participated in all projects with the Dutch TNO Institute in Delft and the German company WFK in Krefeld, from the European Wetcleaning Commitee EWCC to Aquacarb to the specifications of the care labels F and W.
These care labels for professional textile care were incorporated into the international textile care labelling standard ISO 3758.

Kreussler have also been actively committed for many years to project-supporting committees of several research institutes on the subject of textile cleaning in solvents and research emphasis of the commercial laundry industry.